Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sinful Colors Forget Now

This week has shaped up to be rather unpredictable. My car died on Sunday. It completely stopped out of no where thankfully on a residential street. The wheel froze up so did the brakes. It was scary. My car had a bad computer in it and there is a recall on it. I was supposed to be getting a letter about it in March...a bit too late eh? Thankfully, Toyota towed the car and replaced the computer all free of charge. I'm thankful this didn't happen on a busy street or a freeway! It did kind of shake up my week not having a car for a bit. I'm somewhat back on track now, just have tons of school work to do. Anywho, today I have one of my favorite Sinfuls for you.

Forget Now
Forget Now is a bright fuchsia with pink and blue glass fleck glitter.

Sorry, for a bit of the blur on the photo. This was actually one of my first polishes. It became a quick favorite because it was before there were many other glass-fleck polishes out there. This is a great one though, and for a great price. If you like this type of finish you won't be disappointed with this one.  Don't ask me about the name though, Sinful Colors has some of the strangest names!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Sorry to hear about your car - car issues are never fun! I love the polish! :) its gorgeous!

  2. Glad nothing really bad happened with your car! And it's good that Toyota footed the bill. :) Forget Now is one of my favorite Sinful Colors, too, but I had major shrinkage with it! :(

  3. YIKES!!! Glad you are ok. What model is your Toyota?

  4. This is one of my fav sinful polishes, i just love it too much - I also made a post about it, months ago in case u wanna watch :)

  5. I got this color on impulse and ended up loving it! It's so pretty.

  6. liquoredonlacquer- Thanks. :)

    Megan- Yeah, I'm thankful. Aww, I'm sorry you had shrinkage with this color. :(

    Elizabeth- It's 06 Toyota Corolla CE. I think around 700,000 cars were affected?

    LadyLuck- Thanks for telling me about your own post. Forget Now looks great on you! I also starting following your blog.

    Let them have Polish- Thanks! Yeah, I'm often pleasantly surprised when I get colors on impulse.

  7. such a pretty color, i like the glassy-type finish a lot.

  8. Such a gorgeous color!
    Sorry to hear about your car, but it's good they fixed it for you without any hassle!

  9. Beautiful colour! I've never seen this one at my Walgreens. They don't keep the Sinful Colors display very well stocked though.

  10. Eeps! I don't do well with car crisis stuff. I'm glad it worked out for you.

    I love a good, sparkl-fic pink!

  11. Thankfully you weren't injured when your car seized up on you. Also good that Toyota is taking care of that! Love this on you. The 1 I got from Walgreens had been swatched. I didn't know until I got home. It was the last one.
    Still a lovely color though. :O)
    Thanks for sharing.


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