Saturday, January 15, 2011

Zoya Gigi

This has been an off week for me. A lot of stuff has gone on and I don't feel settled? I feel like I'm going through the motions, but I'm not really present. Does that make sense? I'm ready for a new week!! Now on to polish!  I've said this a few times, but as much as I love bright and bold colors, sometimes it's nice to have something simple and subdued. This is a great Zoya color I think does that job.

Gigi (it's probably best to enlarge these)

Gigi is a soft nude pink with little flecks of silver glitter.

If I'm going to do subdued, I'm going to do this way. I love these softer shades that just have the slightest hint of bling or pizazz added to them. I also love the look of these softer shades. I think even though bright and bold colors look great, these types of colors gives a nice clean and fresh look to your nails and hands.

Happy Saturday!


  1. I only saw one swatch of this one before and that was so pretty that I thought: is that really what it looks like, because it is a nude shade. But after this one (looks pretty the same) I am sure, I have to have it! :) Thnx

  2. I usually go all out with my nails, but I've been craving soft nude shades lately. Zoya never disappoints whether it be subtle or flashy.

  3. Loving this! So feminine!

    Sorry you guys don't get snow.
    On the otherhand, you have beautiful sunny days more often than we do, right? LOL
    Thanks for your lovely comment in my message box. XXX

  4. This was one of the Zoyas I recently picked out - one of my 'out of my comfort zone' colors. I have a feeling I'll like it :)

  5. I got her too, reminds me of a bellerina with a little glitter love!

  6. Ooh, that's lovely! Zoya is really giving China Glaze some competition as my favorite polish brand.

  7. Very pretty!! If you're going to do neutral, the soft shimmer is the way to go. I hope you have a better week!


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