Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Worst of the Worst

Usually, if I don't like a product, I don't bother posting it, however I really hated these next two colors so much I can't help with share with you my issues with them. This is purely my opinion, so please don't take offense if you love these. It's just personal taste. I think from color to formulation these just completely missed the mark.

Color Club De-luxe-cious
De-Luxe-Cious is a silvery/blue/gray frosty shimmer with iridescent glitter.

Color Club Ms. Haute
Ms. Haute is a silvery/purple/gray frosty shimmer with pinky shimmer and fine glitter.

These are part of the fall Untamed Luxury collection. I think Ms. Haute is slightly better than De-Luxe-Cious, but not by much. These just do not work for me at all. De-luxe-cious the color comes of sheer/frosty and the glitter looks clumpy. Ms. Haute looks pretty in the bottle, but on the nail just looks like a big clumpy gritty mess. It almost seems like they came up with these not-so-great frosty colors and felt that adding glitter to it would help. It just made it worse. The formula was so thick it didn't spread out evenly on the nail.

I'm really disappointed in these and with Color Club, because the rest of this collection is gorgeous! I feel bad complaining about this, but if I didn't expect much from Color Club I wouldn't care. It just doesn't seem consistent with their other collections and the rest of the colors in the collection these came from. I don't think anyone likes the look of muddy shimmer/glitter/frost in cottage cheese clumpy form on their nails? I really haven't hated colors this much since Misa Fleeting Hibiscus, and that wasn't even Misa's fault, it was the fact that color looked terrible on me. It happens though, and that's ok. I know every brand has its duds. I still love Color Club, but I just can't help but wonder what happened?

Do you have these colors? What is your opinion on them?

I'm sorry if I sounded harsh. :(

Happy Saturday!


  1. wow i really thought it was me...i just got the collection last week and had ms. haute on my toes and the application was a pain...thickest i have seen yet and the next morning i woke up and look at my toes and i see that one is missing...totally gone...i took it all off and throw the bottle away...too bad it was a P.O.S

  2. De-luxe-cious looked GORGEOUS in the bottle...not so much on my nails.

  3. What a pity. They look so good. Color Club is virtually impossible to get in the UK and double the price it would be in the US so I am unlikely to be troubled by this. They still LOOK good to me....

  4. I love color club. Thanks for helping me to dodge a couple of bullets. LOL :O)

  5. I don't have Ms. Haute but I wore De-Luxe-Cious once and I totally get what you're saying! It looked nice in the bottle but it was just terrible on nail. I was really disappointed with it and was surprised that Color Club would release something like that.. Well, you can't always get it right..

  6. You're 100% correct on messes, both of them.
    And don't feel bad about saying your opinion, even if it's not a nice one. It's your blog and your can say whatever you want! ^_^

  7. I appreciate honest reviews. These really aren't my colors, either, but it seems like you hit the nail on the head when you said it seemed like they tried to make them better by adding glitter. LOL Guess that shows you that they can't all be winners.

  8. If you think these two are bad, just try Color Club Wild Orchid... GORGEOUS in the bottle, (grey w/ slight lavender tones and tiny multicolored shimmer); one-note shimmery grey on nails. Same thing with RBL Jane...SO pretty in the bottle--overpromising, under-delivering. You're not being harsh, just honest!

  9. I like that you were honest about the polishes. sometimes they just dont work. =( sometimes I get polishes that I thought I would love..but when I apply them they are all wrong =(

  10. I completely agree. These 2 are duds! Lovely collection otherwise though.


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