Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Essie Dive Bar

This next polish after some research I figured out is an exclusive to Walmart. Essie has started to show up in Walmart stores. There are few changes which I found were explained well on Polish or Perish. I am in *LOVE* with this polish. If I had got this in 2010 this would of been in my Top 20 list!

Dive Bar
Dive Bar is a deep blackened teal shimmer.

*Cue in Disney Cinderella's "So This is Love" music."

I am in love. In the bottle this looks like it has a slight purple duochrome, but that doesn't show up on the nail. That is OK, this polish is amazing without it. I love how the light touches the polish where it's bright in the middle and fades to black on the sides.

The only reason I don't really like Essie at Walmart is because I don't shop there. I know Polish or Perish mentioned in her blog that she fears these displays will get trashed. I fear the same, well I know it will be trashed. The Walmart closest to me the whole cosmetic section is an absolute dump. Nail polish is all over the display, products that have been bought out have been restocked in years, and it's an overall nightmare. The entire store looks like someone ransacked the place. However, I've never seen a full display of Essie, and it is more conveniently located to me than Ulta. So it's bittersweet.

What do you think of Essie at Walmart?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I want this polish so bad, but none of my Walmarts seem to have Essie yet

  2. i just got this! it looks so pretty in the bottle and looks just as gorj on your nails! can't wait to try it :)

  3. I agree, the polish displays at Walmart's are always trashed, bottles have been opened and tried on its GROSS!

    They need to shrink wrap their polishes like Hard candy does to avoid this.

    All that being said this is a gorgeous color! :)

  4. I'd be willing to plan a mission to my local walmart for this color! I love me some peacock feather tones!!

  5. Very pretty shade!
    I like that Essie is at Wal-Mart because the only other place I can buy it is Target and it has a tiny selection. It's a shame about the trashed makeup section at your Wal-Mart. There are 2 in my town and it's always neat in the cosmetics area and they keep updating with new makeup and polishes.

  6. yep whenever i approach the cosmetic section of my local walmart "welcome to the jungle" by GnR iz my soundtrack- trashed displays, spilled polish, everything everywhere, bottles opened. i agree with the commenter who said shrink wrap the bottles-that would help some. that being said awesome mani.

  7. Last week I bought Sinful Colors See You Soon. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks like it would be pretty close to this. I'll probably do a mani with it tomorrow so I'll have to compare my nails to your swatch.

  8. i recently went to walmart and didn't even think to look for the essie display.. but yeah, it is just a matter of time before it's trashed if it's there :(

  9. At my Walmart (read: the one at which I shop and, yes, work), people often open the polishes and products do occasionally wind up where they don't belong, but our associates tend to keep it in order. And if I'm over there while putting stuff away, I try to straighten things out. However, I've seen stores that are exactly the opposite, and they drive me CRAZY, largely because I do work there. I refuse to go into the store one town over, because it is just an awful mess and I wind up ranting and wanting to zone everything. It's not difficult to keep things straight if you actually put some effort into it.
    I'm probably going to snag this polish as soon as I see our display. It's just gorgeous.

  10. My local walmart is like a war zone...a complete mess. Furthermore it doesn't carry Hard Candy or Essie. I will stop by the near my work (17 miles drive...argh) on my way home once in awhile. Why is it the smell of Subway takes over the whole store?

  11. Essie pulled an OPI on the discount Etailers and threatened them with legal action is they continued to sell their polishes at discount prices...and then they choose put their line in WAL*MART? Are you kidding me??? Too good for discounts but not Trash City. Oh well, I wrote them off when L'Oreal bought them since I refuse to give money to giants that steal patents from small, family companies.

  12. This color looks beautiful! I don't live anywhere near a Walmart, but it doesn't sounds much different from the Duane Reade we have in NYC and that also sell Essie and OPI...poor trashed, non-re-stocked bottles. :(

  13. Jen- I hope they show up soon.

    kelliegonzo- I can't wait to see this polish on you.

    Jackie- That's a good idea. They really should shrink rap the polishes.

    Let them have Polish- Good! I hope you find this one.

    Leslie- I'm glad your Walmart is nice. We had a newer one here, but after a year it went downhill. :(

    aaminah's mom= Haha "welcome to the jungle" sounds about right.

    fifilan- I think See You Soon is a bit darker than Dive Bar..then again I'm not 100% sure.

    Amanada- It's a shame, but I'm sure it will happen.

    xreeshix- Yeah sadly, the Walmart stores around me are not well kept at all. It seems like they've just given up.

    Beata- I think it would be worth the longer drive to find these.

    Sandi- You have a point there with the etailer stuff. Walmart doesn't seem to really suit them as a brand.

  14. I wouldn't have suited Essie when Essie still owned the company, she has standards, but L'Oreal doesn't give a rat's patootie about standards. $$$ is $$$. I bet Essie is feeling some serious regrets right now about selling to L'Oreal.

  15. From the picture, it looks very similar to China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald, which I just purchased. My Super Walmart carries Nicole, but I haven't noticed any Essie yet. I don't purchase my nail products from Wal-Mart.

  16. This color is sold a target and walgreens (I've seen it). Not exclusive to only walmart. Hope this helps!

  17. wow! Great color! Dark teal OMG!!

  18. Please could you tell me why I can't find it in Greece ( ????? They do not even know about it!!!! And I trully madly deeply want it!!!!


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