Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sinful Colors Glass Pink

I feel like I haven't ventured into Sinful Color land in awhile. They need to make some new colors. I love the brand, but I'm getting tired of re-promotes! :( Here is a color that is not typical for me, but I really love it.

Glass Pink
 This is Glass Pink layered over Milani Tip Toe Pink on my index and ring fingers and on its own on my middle and pinky fingers.

Glass Pink is a pale pink packed with glass flecked glitter.

I'm not usually one for sheer shades like this, but this is build-able and looks great layered over other colors. I love the softness of this color. I really like more subdued colors that are "amped" up with shimmer and glitter. This fits the bill. It's soft with a bit of pop!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Freaky. Saw this on another blog today! Lovely polish.

  2. oh thats pretty! i picked up a bottle the other day...and then put it away. kinda wish i didnt now . haha

  3. I love it layered over the darker Pink. Yay Pink!!!

  4. gorgeous! my husband bought me this polish and i really love it :)

  5. That is really pretty. It reminds me of OPI Princesses Rule!. I need to grab this next time I am in Wag's. :D

    I do agree with you, it is time for new colours and collections. :)

  6. jaljen- How random. It's funny when people post the same polish in a day that isn't a new polish or have some hype surrounding it.

    Katrina- I'm sure it's not going anywhere. I think I've seen this shade for years. It's a nice color to have in your stash.

    Let them have Polish- Thanks. I like it over the darker pink too.

    Leslie- Thanks! You have a nice husband.

    Ice Queen- I know! Come on Sinful we want new colors!

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  8. I pick that up and put it down every time I'm at the drugstore. It's so delicate and pretty but I'm so not used to wearing pale colors. It's not a creme so it shouldn't be chalky, maybe I'll give it a shot. Since it's sheer I can always use it as a top coat.

  9. I love Sinful's sheer colors more than their other colors and yeah, I use them as top coats to spice up my other polishes. I'm too lazy to remove my mani often, so I just buy sheer colors to change things up when I get bored with the first color. lol Sinful and Confetti are both inexpensive brands that are really good at making top coat type shades that I use for this purpose!


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