Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rimmel Hot Rock

I miss the Rimmel 60 Second and Lycra Pro nail polish lines. The newer Lasting Pro finish line has nice bottles, but a VERY limited selection of colors. I've only been able to find the older lines at K-Mart and Wal Mart, two stores I do not frequent. I really enjoyed the color selection of these lines, and I hope at some point they introduce a better color selection. This next polish was part of the Lycra line, and I found it all by itself in a clearance been a Walmart.

Hot Rock
Hot Rock is a warm red jelly with golden glass fleck glitter.

I love red and I love golden shimmers/glittery finishes, so the combination of these is something I cannot pass up on. This is fiery, bright, and bold. I love this vibrant and spicy shade.

Rimmel please bring us some more colors!

Happy Thursday!


  1. What a gorgeous color. carries some of these old Rimmels. :)

  2. If you ever happen to be in England every drugstore is practically crawling with 60 seconds and Lasting Finish and Lycra Pro etc.! xx

  3. Ooh, I like this!
    And like every other red I've seen you wear, it looks awesome on you.

  4. It looks great on you. :) I have Hot Rock and love to wear it in the summertime.

  5. I have that polish too and I love it!

    Thanks for a great blog btw, I am a new reader who stumbled upon your blog while googling pictures of some nail polish. The only thing is, reading your blog causes serious lemmings thus costing a fortune! :D

  6. Jackie- Thanks for the link!

    Emma- Don't tempt me! I love England so much. I haven't been a few years. I'd love to go now that I'm into nail polish and get some goodies!

    Chaos- Aw thank you.

    Elena- Thanks!

    Tamara- Thank you!

    Super- Thank you for kind comments. You just have to spread out your purchases, and it's all good!


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