Monday, November 30, 2015

Pure Ice True Love's Kiss

I walked into Walmart a few weeks ago with no intent to look at their beauty section. I needed kitty litter. In all honesty as I've mentioned before I have not found anything of interest when it comes to drugstore nail polish, so I don't bother looking much. On the way to the kitty litter, which happens to be near the beauty section I came across a new display of Pure Ice polishes. The collection was called Fairytale Forest and it is a new collection for winter with 8 polishes. I stopped dead in my tracks in awe of finding such a beautiful collection these days in a store! They all were gorgeous pastel shades with beautiful glass fleck like glitters in them. I had to get them all!
 I have the pink one of this bunch to share with you today called True Love's Kiss.

True Love's Kiss
True Love's Kiss is a pale pink with a golden iridescent glass fleck shimmer.

Collection: Pure Ice Fairytale Forest Winter 2015

Color: This is a beautiful soft pink. I say this often, but there is a severe lack of beautiful and original pinks in nail polish these days. True Love's Kiss is beautiful and unique. I love this soft shade of pink, but we all know it's this beautiful golden iridescent shimmer that gives it the wow factor. This color is stunning.

Formula: I'd say for $1.97 nail polish this formula is pretty good. It's not great or out of this world, but it is good. The first 2 coats are bit streaky and patchy, but it is opaque on a 3rd coat. This isn't a sheer pink it is opaque and meant to be.

Price: $1.97 each at Walmart. Polishes that are unique these days at $1.97 are unheard of.

Overall: I'm extremely happy about discovering this collection and this color. This is a stunning pink with an extraordinary shimmer added to it. It stands out as unique in a sea of hum-drum mainstream and drugstore nail polishes these days. The formula for the price point is good, it's not perfect, but I can honestly let that aspect go. It's great polish and I think us oldsters in nail polish world and newbies to polish will equally love this one.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Paint Splatters
Happy Monday!

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