Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Vote for the Best of 2015!

*NOTE: I've removed the "Best High End/Boutique Brand and Best High End/Boutique Brand Nail Polish categories. There was a lot of crossover from some indie brands in the boutique category, and it was getting too confusing. This is just for fun, so it won't effect anything really. 

It's time for Imperfectly Painted's 5th annual Best of 2015 nail polish poll!
2015, in my opinion is when nail polish has fully transferred over its power to the indie world, so this year's poll will be different than in past years.

The focus on this year's ballot will be on indie brands, but I've included some questions on mainstreams, drugstore, and high end brands too. No more multiple choice this year! All questions are up to you to fill in your own answers. I figured this would be easier than trying to narrow down picks from hundreds of indie brands. The winners will be chosen based off your responses, the brand/polish/answer with the highest votes will be the winner of that category. I will tally them by hand.
To participate, please fill out the form below, but first please read through some quick guidelines! 

  1. Only one answer per question! If you submit more than one answer I'll delete your entire ballot. I know it's hard, but make a decision. 
  2. All of your responses must be based off 2015 releases with the exception of top coat and base coat. 
  3. You do not have to answer every question if you do not have a response for all of them. Just leave the question blank.
  4. Please only vote once.
  5. Do not over think this poll. This is all just for fun. 
  6. You have until Tues. 12/15 11:59PM EST to vote. The results of this poll will be posted on New  Year's Eve Thurs. 12/31
  7. Have fun!

Come back for results on 12/31!

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