Sunday, December 20, 2015

Weekly Wax Wrap Up: 12/13/15-12/20/15

* I received the following Bunch Candle Co. wax melt to review, the rest were purchased by me. 

Considering how close it is to Christmas I barely melt any Christmas wax. I always burn it out too early. I get so excited for the holiday season that by time the real Christmas rolls around I'm over it! I did manage to sneak one in there though! I did have a pretty successful wax week though despite the lack of Christmas cheer.
Bunch Candle Co. Very Vanilla
Scent Description: intense vanilla aroma and subtle touch of cream
My Thoughts: Foodie smells are not my favorite, especially anything in the bakery realm. I find they smell either way too sweet or artificial. I was nervous about this one based on the name alone, but I ended up really liking it after I smelled it. This smelled exactly like vanilla extract. This was a very pure vanilla smell, it wasn't artificial or overly sweet. This was vanilla with no frills. I'd probably melt more foodie/bakery scents if they smelled like this one. I liked this one and it had a nice throw for around 6-8 hours.

Ten Digit Creations Christmas Splendor
Scent Description: apples, oak, balsam, fir, and pine, with a background of cinnamon and clove
My Thoughts: Meh. This was a very generic apples and cinnamon scent to me. There is nothing wrong with it, but I wasn't getting any of the balsam, fir, and pine notes from this personally. This to me just smelled similar to the Glade Apples & Cinnamon scent which I can get in the store. I was really hoping this had some other notes to it that gave it more depth. This had a good throw that lasted around 8 hours. 

ScentSationals Fusion Limon
Scent Description: N/A
My Thoughts: I love clean and fresh scents and citrus tends to fall in that category. This was a straight up fresh lemon scent. Limon had the perfect blend of tartness with a hint of sweetness. This scent was very crisp and refreshing. It had a great throw that lasted 10+ hours. 

ScentSationals Timeless Devotion
Scent Description: island flowers and jasmine mingled with tropical fruit
My Thoughts: This smells exactly like Bath & Body Works Plumeria. Exactly. I get plumeria, jasmine, and not so much tropical fruit as I get peach from this. I do like this one. Florals are hit and miss for me, but I do tend to like tropical florals best. This wax melt is STRONG. It's lovely, but I probably could of used half a cube. It's just that strong. Nice scent, but it can knock you over. If you're sensitive to florals, this would be a definite no go for you. This has epic throw that I couldn't burn for too long because it was too much for me. 

ScentSationals Crisp Linens
Scent Description: The scent of fresh linens, newly washed, sun-drying on the line.
My Thoughts: I'm all about fresh and clean, but some laundry scents are just too harsh for me. This was not the case at all with Crisp Linens. I LOVED this scent. I read someone else described this as more of bubble bath scent with a beachy note. They did a better job of describing it than I could of. This is a soapy and watery fresh scent with a hint of Yankee Candle Sun & Sand scent. It's amazing and reminds of me of a fancy beach resort. This was definitely my favorite scent of the week. Great throw that lasted 10+ hours. I will be needing more of this one. 

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Happy Sunday!

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