Thursday, December 31, 2015

Best of 2015 Results!

Happy New Year everyone! I have the results of the Best of 2015 poll you took a little awhile ago! Thank you for voting! The winners will be listed first followed by the 2 with top most votes and my personal picks for each category!

Best Mainstream Brand of 2015
Winner- Zoya
2. OPI
3. China Glaze
My Pick: China Glaze

Best Mainstream Collection of 2015

Winner- China Glaze Electric Nights
2. OPI Venice
3. China Glaze The Great Outdoors
My Pick: China Glaze The Great Outdoors

Best Mainstream Polish of 2015
Winner- OPI Give Me Space
2. Essie Leggy Legend
3. Zoya Charli
My Pick: China Glaze Wood Ya Wanna?

Best Drugstore Brand in 2015

Winner- Sinful Colors
2. Sally Hansen
3. L'Oreal
My Pick: Sinful Colors

Best Indie Brand in 2015
Winner- KBShimmer
2. Vapid Lacquer
My Pick: KBShimmer

Best Indie Collection of 2015
Winner- Vapid Lacquer The Elements of Neon
2. Pretty & Polished Dusty Cremes
3. KBShimmer Summer 2015
My Pick: Different Dimension Cosmologically Speaking Part 2

Best Indie Polish of 2015
Winner- KBShimmer Carpe Denim
2. Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking
3. Vapid Birthday Bitch
My Pick: KBShimmer Green Weaver

Best Indie for Cremes 
Winner- KBShimmer
2. Pretty & Polished
3. Polish My Life
My Pick: KBShimmer

Best Indie for Glitters 
Winner- KBShimmer
2. Painted Polish
3. Polish 'M
My Pick: KBShimmer

Best Indie for Crellies/Jellies
Winner- KBShimmer
2. Pretty & Polished
3. Polish 'M
My Pick: Noodles Nail Polish

Best Indie for Multichromes
Winner- ILNP
2. KBShimmer
3. Vapid Lacquer
My Pick: ILNP

Best Indie for Multichrome Flakies
Winner- ILNP
2. KBShimmer
3. Not enough votes for a solid third place
My Pick: KBShimmer

Best Indie for Holos
Winner- ILNP
2. Glisten & Glow
3. Cupcake Polish
My Pick: Different Dimension

Best Indie Brand for Cuticle & Hand Care
Winner- KBShimmer
2. Sunny's Body Products
3. Cuter Cuticles
My Pick: KBShimmer

Best Indie Brand for Mani Shots/Fizzies/Bombs
Winner- KBShimmer
2. Forever Polished
3. Love, Angeline
My Pick: KBShimmer

Best Top Coat
Winner- Glisten & Glow HK Girl
2. KBShimmer Clearly On Top
3. Vapid Lacquer Quick Dry Top Coat
My Pick: Pure Ice Girl on the Run

Best Base Coat
Winner-. Vapid Lacquer All About That Base
2. KBShimmer Basic Training
3. Duri Rejuvacote
My Pick: Pure Ice Bottom Line

Best Nail Polish Finish
Winner- Holo
2. Multichrome Flakies
3. Crellies
My Pick: Holo 

That's a wrap for the 2015 year of nail polish. How did your picks favor? It looks like KBShimmer and ILNP swept most of the indie categories this year, with Vapid Lacquer being mentioned quite a bit too!

See you on the flip side! I wonder what will be in store for us in 2016?

Happy New Year

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