Thursday, November 19, 2015

Third Week Throwbacks: Hare Polish Dauphine of Decadence

I have one of my all time favorite polishes to share with you today. This is kind of my go to glitter topper when I have no idea what to do with my nails. It's the perfect unique and beautiful color combination and it's made my Hare Polish!

Dauphine of Decadence (over Maybelline Mink Lust)
Dauphine of Decadence is a mix of gold and matte green glitters with a golden shimmer.

Collection: Hare Polish The Last Queen of France Spring 2013

Color: This is absolute perfection for me. This the most beautiful glitter topper. I love the mix of matte and metallic. The softness of the mint green with that rich gold. It's gorgeous. I adored this entire collection because so many of the colors made me think they were inspired by the Rococo art movement in 18th century France. I loved the art from that period. 

Formula: Excellent easy to apply formula. I used one coat over a base. 

Price: As far as I know this one isn't available currently. I'm not sure if that's forever, but I sure hope not. Sorry. 

Overall: I don't know what else to say. This is one of my favorite polishes of all time. I absolutely adore everything about it. 

My Rating: 5 out of t 5 *Golden* Paint Splatters

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