Sunday, November 1, 2015

Weekly Wax Wrap Up: 10/25/15-11/1/15

I melted all new to me wax this week. This was another hit or miss week. Thankfully, the hits were really good and the misses weren't terrible, so overall the experience was more positive than negative.

Let's get started!

ScentSationals Berry Pickin' (Fresh Strawberry & Sweet Blueberry)
Scent Description: N/A
My Thoughts: I love berry scents, and this one was alright. What I was missing though from this scent was the tartness and tang you get from both of these berries. This was straight up sweet. I like the sweet and sour combo, and I just did not get the sour notes at all. It wasn't bad, but I can only handle straight up sweet scents for so long. 

ScentSationals Eucalyptus & Sea Salt
Scent Description: N/A
My Thoughts: This is fan-freaking-tastic. I must admit eucalyptus and sea salt individually are some of my favorite scents, so both of them combined are magic. The sea salt note is refreshing, clean, and watery and it has a hint of eucalyptus in the background. The eucalyptus adds a touch of sophisticated minty freshness to the mix, but is not at all overpowering . I'd say this is 80% sea salt and 20% eucalyptus. It's a beautiful spa-like fragrance that I'm gushing over right now!

Yankee Candle Winter Glow
Scent Description: A crisp scent of frosted leaves on snow-covered trees in the cool air, all warmed by golden amber sun rays.
My Thoughts: When I smelled this on cold I got some really nice clean airy fresh notes that did remind me of snow. When I melted this is just smelled like a straight up generic laundry/cotton scent. I did not get any of that crisp outdoorsy scent I got on cold sniff. Plus, the scent throw was so light. This was so boring and generic I tossed it after only melted it for an hour. There is nothing special about this one. Yawn. 

Better Homes & Gardens Tranquil Garden Spa
Scent Description: N/A
My Thoughts: This is a scent I bypassed in the store multiple times. I liked it, but it didn't do enough for me to buy it. This past week though, my nose seemed to take a liking to it so I picked it up. I really love this one. It has a lot of watery notes to it. I definitely detect cucumber in this and maybe a very light floral. I'm not into florals, but if they're subtle I think they sometimes add a nice element to a scent. This is another that falls into the clean/fresh/spa category. If you haven't noticed yet these are my favorite types of scents. It's not generic or boring like Winter Glow at all though. It's refreshing and very nice. 

Ten Digit Creations Lemon Slices
Scent Description: strong aroma of freshly cut lemons
My Thoughts: I adored this scent when I first started melting it. Along with berry scents, I like citrus scents too because they have that great sweet/tart combo. Lemon Slices was exactly that, it was well rounded tart/sweet scent. This sucker is strong and a perfect clean scent. What I like about TDC scents is they last a long time. I had this melting 10+ hours. I will say after that 8-10hr mark that tartness faded away and all I got was sweet. I'd say 8-10 hours is a good run though, but I couldn't melt it more after that, it was just too sweet! Sweet/sour I can do, but straight up sweet a little goes a long way. 

I think overall it was good week. I didn't have anything terrible, and TDC Lemon Slices really was mostly good until it melted too long. ScentSationals Eucalyptus & Sea Salt was a clear winner this week and I just need to get my hands on more. A friend sent it to me and I can't find it in my Walmart, so I'm going to either have to order more or have my friend pick me more up!

Happy Sunday!

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