Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top 25 of 2014: Part 5

Check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4!

*This is not in ranking order.

L'Oreal Flashing Lilac
Collection: L'Oreal Summer Neons 2014- Review

OPI Feel The Mo-heat-oes
Collection: OPI Hello, Flamingo! 2014- Review

Zoya Yuna
Collection: Zoya Ignite Fall 2014- Review

Lumina Lacquer Soleil
Collection: Lumina Lacquer 2014- Review

KBShimmer Too Cold To Hold
Collection: KBShimmer Winter 2014- Review

That's a wrap on my favorites of 2014!

Here they all are listed below:
CbL Ocean Water
CbL Little Boy Blue
China Glaze Golden Seal
Cult Nails Wanna Be
Cult Nails Inescapable
ILNP Princeton 
ILNP Iconic
KBShimmer Make My Gray
KBShimmer Laugh Myself Lily
KBShimmer She Twerks Out
KBShimmer Hexy Bikini
KBShimmer Too Cold To Hold
L'Oreal Flashing Lilac
Lumina Lacquer Soleil
OPI Feel The Mo-heat-oes
OPI Today I Accomplished Zero
Orly Hot Tropics
Orly Mirrorball
Revlon Balinese Bay
Rimmel Blue
Silly Bee's Chickadees Steph's Silver White Winters
Sally Hansen Chili Flakes
Zoya Remy
Zoya Yuna 
Zoya Binx

 Do we have any favorites in common? I wonder what next year will bring?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Two of your favorites made my favorites list! :) I still need to try out Soleil, it's just stunning!

  2. These are all so gorgeous especially those last three polishes.

  3. Whoa I totally missed the L'Oreal Neons! That is a gorgeous color!

  4. I love Yuna and Too Cold To Hold too!! That Lumina Lacquer is so pretty too!

  5. These all look great on you! I love that you have such a diverse range of polishes in your faves, too!


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