Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Lacquistry Amazeballz (Original)

Happy Christmas Eve all! I have an amazing polish to share with you today, or shall I say Amazeballz? This polish has been out over a year, but I didn't really become aware of it until a couple months ago. It was one of those polishes I knew in an instant had to be mine. You'll see why, it's pretty much the blingiest nail polish I now own.

 Amazeballz is a super fine and intesnely reflective gold metal flake(?).

Collection: Released by Lacquistry I believe in 2013

Color: I've seen swatches of this on various people, and sometimes this reads as a silver. This is a gold polish. It as a pale gold though, so I do find it flattering if you're someone who might clash with gold tones. This is blindingly sparkly. I'm not joking, you have to be careful with your eyes with this one in bright light. That being said, this is super sparkly in dim lighting too. Like I said before, this is the blingiest nail polish I own. If you like sparkle, you need this.

Formula: The formula on this was really nice. It wasn't chunky or thick. I used 3 coats above. You can see my nail a bit underneath in the photo, but in real life this is so shiny you don't see the nail underneath.

*Side Note: On formula, I have the original formula. There are multiple formulations of Amazeballz in Fine, Extra, Fine, A Blended Family, Chunky Ballz, and Holo. These formulations are all based on the size of the metallic particles used or in the case of Holo, micro holo particles are added. Please check out Lacquistry's Etsy page to determine which one you like best! 

Price: This was $15.00 on Lacquistry's Etsy page. Yes, this is pricey, but based on the quality and the materials used it makes since. This isn't a glitter or a normal metallic glitter flake, this is something better and special! Well worth it.

Overall: Amazeballz is definitely one for the nail polish history books. I don't own a polish like this at all with that has this strong of a shine factor. Impressive. I'm just sad I'm late to the party, had this been released this year, it would of been on my Top 25 of 2014 for sure. That being said though, it is a definite favorite polish of all time, and a MUST HAVE!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 *Golden Amazeballz* Paint Splatters
Merry Christmas Eve!


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