Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Orly Glitterbomb

I have another polish from the Orly Sparkle holiday collection to show you today. You know what I really don't like about this collection? I really wish they had some festive names for the polishes. It's a holiday collection, and I want some holiday cheer! The polishes certainly are festive, but not the names. I know a dumb complaint. It's not a huge deal.

Glitterbomb over Sinful Colors Candy Coated
Glitterbomb is a multicolored glitter and  micro iridescent glitter in a clear base.

Color: I love multicolored glitter toppers. This one varies a different from the rest because the colors in here are bit muted, and not as vibrant. What I also noticed is this has a very subtle teeny tiny iridescent micro glitter added to it. This makes it all the more sparkly.

Formula: I found this formula bit thick and a bit sparse glitter wise. The thickness could be attributed to the fact I have a mini bottle. The sparseness is just how it is. I used 2 coats above. I really wish this glitter was a little more dense, so it could pack a bigger punch. 

Price: This can be purchased in the $7-$8 range at Ulta. I bought it in a mini set that included 3 other polishes for around $10.

Overall: This is a pretty glitter polish, it could just be so much better if it were denser. Oh, and calling it something a little more holiday themed instead of Glitterbomb, would of made me happier too. I won't count against the name though.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Paint Splatters
Happy Tuesday! 


  1. Really fun glitter that is. I like it.

  2. This was probably my least favorite from this collection for the same reason you mentioned: it wasn't very dense! But it's still pretty and I guess I'll just use a few coats :-)

  3. I agree with you about the names. They could have been way more seasonal. But the glitters are pretty darn awesome!


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