Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best of 2014 Results!!!

Happy New Year everyone! I have the results of the Best of 2014 poll you took a little awhile ago! Thank you for voting! The winners will be listed first followed in ranking order from most to least amount of votes.

 Best Spring 2014 Collection:

1. OPI Brazil
2. Zoya Awaken
3. China Glaze City Flourish
4. Essie Hide & Go Chic
5. Orly Blush
Imperfectly Painted's Pick: Zoya Awaken

Best Summer 2014 Collection:


1. Zoya Bubbly & Tickled
2. Orly Baked
3. OPI Brazil
4. China Glaze Off Shore
5. Essie Haute in the Heat
Imperfectly Painted's Pick: Zoya Bubbly & Tickled

Best Fall 2014 Collection:

1. Zoya Entice & Ignite
2. China Glaze All Aboard
3. OPI Nordic
4. Essie Dressed to Kilt
5. Orly Smoky
Imperfectly Painted's Pick: Zoya Entice & Ignite

Best Winter/Holiday 2014 Collection:

1. Orly Sparkle
2. Zoya Wishes
3. OPI Gwen Stefani Holiday
4. China Glaze Twinkle
5. Essie Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Low
Imperfectly Painted's Pick: Orly Sparkle

Best OPI 2014 Secondary/Sub Collection:

1. Coca-Cola
2. Sheer Tints
3. Neons 2014
4. Gwen Stefani
5. Ford Mustang
6. Spotlight on Glitter
7. Halloween Peanuts
Imperfectly Painted's Pick: Coca-Cola

Best China Glaze 2014 Secondary/Sub Collection:

1. The Giver
2. Sea Goddess
3. Apocalypse
4. Surprise
5. Crinkled Chrome
Imperfectly Painted's Pick: The Giver

Best Handmade Indie 2014: 

1. KBShimmer
3. Colors by Llarowe
4. Enchanted Polish
5. Elevation Polish
6. Other
Imperfectly Painted's Pick: KBShimmer

Best Non-Handmade Indie/Boutique Brand 2014:

1. a-england
2. Picture Polish
3. Cult Nails
4. Pretty Serious
5. RBL
6. Other
Imperfectly Painted's Pick: Cult Nails

Best High-End Brand 2014:

1. Sephora X
2. butter LONDON
3. Deborah Lippman
4. Other
Imperfectly Painted's Pick: Sephora X

Best Drugstore Brand 2014:

1. Sinful Colors
2. Sally Hansen
3. Revlon
4. L'Oreal
5. Maybelline
6. Other
Imperfectly Painted's Pick: Other- JulieG 

Best Mainstream Brand 2014:

1. Zoya
2. OPI
3. China Glaze
4. Essie
5. Orly
Imperfectly Painted's Pick: Zoya

Texture Polish....

1. Still into it!
2. Never liked it in the first place.
3. Over it!
Imperfectly Painted's Pick: Over it! 

Top 5 Favorite Polishes Released in 2014 (The most mentions in ranking order)

Orly Mirrorball, Orly Hot Tropics, and KBShimmer Hexy Bikini were all on my Top 25 of 2014 list! 

Some interesting observations this year based on the results....

  •  Orly seems to crawling back into the spotlight after a 2-3 year slump. What's funny though, is it was ranked the lowest in the Best Mainstream Brand of 2014 category, however, it was ranked well in summer and winter, AND two of their polishes were listed in the favorites of all year. Interesting! 
  • It seems like China Glaze is the brand who needs to step up their game. I agree, their fall collection was nice and so was The Giver, but they overwhelmed everywhere else. 
  • Zoya ranked well as always. No surprises. Zoya knows what they're doing.
  • OPI ranked well, but not the best. OPI always seems to rank on the upper average end of the spectrum every year. 
  • Essie scored low this year. Essie has always scored last or second to last in my past year's polls. I feel like they did best last year, and need to step it up.
That's a wrap on 2014! See you on the other side! 

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. I agree about Orly - I have high hopes for them in 2015! Great wrap-up, Steph!


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