Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Talk It Out Tuesday: U + Nail Polish 4EVER?

Welcome to the first "Talk It Out Tuesday" of the year.

Today's topic is basically will you love nail polish forever? Will you love it the same way you love it now? If you're a blogger, how long do you see yourself blogging about nail polish?

It's difficult to predict. I'm typically someone who has fleeting interests. I like things intensely for a short amount of time then I'm done with them. It has been different about nail polish. There are a few things that I just cling to. I've been into nail polish for 3 years now, so I think that is sticking. It's hard for something that has had such prevalence in my life to completely disappear.

I'm sure there will be a time in my life when I'm no longer collecting. I may buy a bottle here and there, but I think I will always love nail polish. It's hard to imagine a time like that though. We know how collections are, some are limited edition with outstanding colors. It's hard to picture myself at a point where I'm not always interested in what's coming out and perusing the stores for pretties! That being said, I'm at a transitioning point in my life. I'm in college, and I do not have a full time career. I wonder once I do make those adjustments, if nail polish will become a lower priority simply because of time? Who knows?

As for blogging. I am simply shocked at this point I've been at this almost 2 years. I'm someone who never was able to keep a journal or anything of that sort. I absolutely love blogging. It is something I look forward to. I also love reading other peoples blogs. I love interacting with bloggers. It's so much more than just blogging. It is a part of my life. I'm sure at some point in my life, blogging will have to take a backseat. I do not want to be negative, but it's hard to imagine myself still blogging in 5 years. I wonder if any of us will be still blogging in 5 years? It's not so much as maybe a time constraint thing as it's a question if blogging will still relevant in 5 years? Will blogging become obsolete? These are questions I often think about?

The funny thing is thinking about this makes me sad! I'm definitely not at any point to let go of nail polish or blogging that's for sure. I mean, just thinking about there being a time when I don't care as much is depressing.   I love nail polish. It's such a great way to explore color, feel put together, connect with others, and spend more money than you'd ever want to because you can't imagine life with out that amazing new color. Too much to love there!

I will say this. If there does come a time I'm not into nail polish as much, I am for sure not going to get rid of any LE or HTF pretties. I'm going to hang on to those for years until they're going for $$$$$$$ on eBay or whatever. I will shamelessly sell those babies and make bank!  Maybe in 2050 my China Glaze OMG holos will give me a down payment on a house? :P Come on guys? I'm sure you all have thought about stuff like this too...right?

What are your thoughts on this topic? 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. You know, I thought when I let MM go I was done with blogging, but I really surprised myself. I think blogging about np is something I'll do for as long as it's relevant, and I anticipate that I'll probably continue to love nail polish for a long time. I doubt I will collect at the rate I do now though.

  2. This is a great topic!!! I've been into nail polish since I was 12.. So it's been 16 years. I started frankening around the same age. I will always be interested in nail polish. I will blog as long as my fingers allow me to. I never realized how much I love blogging and connecting with others who love the same things I do. I will love nail polish until the day I am 6 feet under!


  3. I'm not a blogger but I am a 34 year old mother of 2 girls (6 & 4) and I collect nail polish and I can't picture ever "quitting".  My daughters love to go through them and talk about them and that is so fun.  When they want their nails painted - they pick a different color for each nail:)  They are even memorizing the names.  The other day I was looking at a blog and my 4 year old came up and said "is that What's with the Cattitude?"  It was a light blue polish:)  They also think it's a fun game to try to stump me.  They show me a polish and they think it's so cool that I can name them...well, most of them:)  Anyway, this passion is so fun and I love the hunt for the latest and greatest shades.  It's so exciting!  I have CG Marry a Millionaire on its way to my house this week!  I found it on ebay:)  As I said, I am 34 - almost 35:(  and I don't see an end in sight.  I'm sure my husband hopes for an end though! 

  4. Oh yes, the idea how much some polishes are worth can be very interesting sometimes.. although I don't have that much special polishes. I am a nailpolish enthusiastic for over 2 years now. I've been blogging more than 1 year and I have time enough besides my full time job to do so. It's all in good planning I think!

    I do believe you could get "sick" of it, eventually it is a very materialistic hobby I guess. But I do hope everyone keeps on blogging as I love to see the growing processes of blogs, especially the ones I followed since they were "little"!

  5. LOL @ having a downpayment from your polish.  Hey, anything's possible right?  I've thought about this myself.  I will always love nail polish, but I too get obsessed about things and then it dies off.  At this point, I love both nail polish and blogging too much.  Blogging is very new to me, but it's a creative outlet and it brings me joy.  Cheesy I know.  I guess only time will tell.

  6. Great talk it out Tuesday.I feel the same way about how long with I like nail polish.But I think I may like it my whole life.

    I sure love blogging and I wouldn't ever want to let it go but I guess I have to wait and see.

  7. Hahaha, I hope that in 2050 your polish collection goes for a lot of cash!  ^-^
    I know what you mean; I usually flip from one hobby to the next.  While I love my hobbies, they rotate back and forth all of the time.  I've been blogging steadily for two months and even that impresses me (my blog is such an accomplishment for me and my ADD, haha).  I love the community on here.  :)  Thinking about how everyone will eventually (most likely) move away from this makes me feel bittersweet.  Sad for thinking about this community ending, yet happy that it was here.  Also, if you do move away from this hobby I'm sure that there will be more for you to pick up with the same amount of vigor, love and dedication (and then there will be more communities of people with the same interests).  :D
    I really like your post; it really struck a chord with me.  Take care! :D

  8. That is so cute that your daughters love it too!

  9. I'm pretty positive I will always love nail polish. Ever since I was a little girl I was obsessed with nail polish. By the time I was 10 I was saving my allowance to buy acrylic kits at Sally Beauty Supply, and taught myself how to do acrylics, silk wraps and fiberglass nails. I was doing my friends, family and random strangers nails by the time I was 13. When I entered high school I decided to do a half-day vo-tech class for beauty because I wanted to get into nails. Well I stopped doing that when I realize it was mostly about hair (which I wasn't interested in at all). Then I took a different path in life (cheerleading) and couldn't have nails. It wasn't until just a few years ago that I really got back into it and it's like reconnecting with a long-lost lover. 

    I have no idea how long I'll keep my blog up. Right now I have no plans to stop, but there are times I think of how much more free time I'd have if I didn't blog. But I enjoy it and will continue to blog about nail polish and makeup until I truly don't have the time or until it feels like a job (it should be fun, and while it is a lot of work it should never feel like an obligation).

    I don't plan to sell any of my collection, pretty much ever, lol, but maybe in the future I will.

  10. My love for nail polish has it's moments. I won't buy any for a long while but I will keep up my nails then I will go through a time where I buy a bunch and build my collection. I would have to say that this is the most into nail polish I have gotten. I have learned so much since I started following blogs and kept up with what is going on in the polish world. I would have to say that I hope this isn't just a fleeting thing with me.

  11. Nail polish allows you to express your personality/creativity. It's relaxing/pampering. Being a polish-a-holic has even taught me how to take better care of my hands, nails & cuticles. Yes,  I will love nail polish forever...and ever! :)

  12. I'm a lot like you in the sense that I tend to fixate on things very intensely and then get over it and move on. First it was Japanese stationery, then handmade soap, then perfume, then bath and body products in general. Somewhere in there I found my obsession for nail polish, I think it's been maybe a year and a half now? With the obsession getting more intense in the past 8 months or so. 

    I don't see myself ever getting over this. I really love color. It's my favorite part of this nail polish obsession. I love how the tiniest change can make an entirely new color. There might come a time where I don't buy as much but I doubt this love for nail polish will ever go away. It's a world I'm happy to be a part of :)

  13. I haven't considered it til now, seriously. But it is fun to ponder, now that you mentioned it. I guess because nail polish has been around for so long and all my life, I assumed it would be around forever. Or, at least for the rest of my life.

    My fascination with makeup has been a part of my life at least since I was 17. And, I will always be interested in it. But, my thoughts are, will I still want to wear it well into my 70's? As long as I care about how I look, I think I just might.

    The blogging thing...I don't know how long that will last. It is keeping me busy and interested for now. And it has allowed me an outlet to explore other interests as well; like writing and photography. One thing that I'm sure I'll continue with is reading blogs. They are way more fascinating than magazines. Most of the blogs I follow are not trying to sell me something so I get unbiased opinions, which, doesn't happen with magazines. Talk about wanting to get something for free!!!

    And a large part of continuing all this is that I will still be able to afford internet services and products to review and share. :)

  14. I have a love/hate relationship with nail polish.  I absolutely adore it from afar but up close, I dislike the chipping and work that goes into maintaining a manicure.  However, there is something so expressive about polish.  I will always continue wearing polish and highly doubt that desire will wear off.  (At least I hope it doesn't).  Thanks for sharing lady


  15. I think my obsession with nail polish will be here for a while. I don't know what it is, but it's just so much fun. You can do so many things with it, there are so many nice colors, collections, brands and what not. I just love it!
    For blogging I have no idea how that will go. I like posting stuff and tell a little something, but on the other side it's kinda depressing only 2 people look at my blog. But I like to look at it from the positive side. Before blogging I did something completely different and that was a success. I'm just starting over with something different and I like to do it :)

  16. you know whats so funny Steph, is that i myself have been thinking about this so much. there is days where i just am fed up and say okay im not going to buy any more polish or blog anymore . BUT all it takes to reel me in again is looking at the beautiful polishes on my wall . lol i cant picture myself collecting nail polish 5 years from now . alot of things in my personal life are not so ideal that nail polish and blogging has become some sort of an escape for me and it keeps me sain. plus all the wonderful people i've met through blogging .including you! is just so rewarding! i cant say i'll blog forever but when my blog starts to feel like a chore and not so much of a hobby is when i'll stop :)

    that girl buy the OMG holos in 2050 will probably be me! LMAO!!

  17. In the past I've definitely been guilty of moving on from one interest to the next. For a while it's been polish and I hope it stays that way. There are days when I look at my stash and think I am crazy for spending so much money though.

  18. This is an excellent first topic!! Lets see... My collection has grown from 5 to over 200 in the last year, my fanatic feeling fro nail polish came out of no where though...and this question has popped into my head not too long ago. I catch myself having moment where i'm not inspired by my collection but I always have the urge to do my nails (every week). I love reading blogs and chatting on forums about it. I do not know how long this obsession will last but I am going to enjoy while it's here. It is another way to express myself!!

  19. I've always loved nail polish since I was a little girl.  My mom would let my aunt paint my nails, though I wasn't allowed to wear it outside the house.  My love of polish continued into high school, college, and beyond...  In the past five years I'd say I've hit fanatic territory.  My collection of polishes going beyond the couple bins that used to fit on one shelf into actual furniture that takes up space (a 9 drawer Alex and 2 Helmers).  I'm at the point where I'm wondering, will I ever use all of these polishes?  I don't think my love of polish is going anywhere but maybe in a few years I won't be as fanatical a collector as I am now...?  This is a really great time for polish as we're seeing flakies, magnetics, unique/fun/interesting colors, and more glitters than ever being produced.  Holos and duochromes that we could only dream of are being made...  I'll definitely continue to be a fanatic for a while but I'll be a fan forever.  I guess Me + NP = 4EVER.  :)

  20. 1. I love that graphic, it made me giggle haha
    2. I am a person who has fleeting interests as well. Even with foods, I'm obsessed with a snack for a few days or weeks then I couldn't care less. I'm happy nail polish hasn't been like that for me and I'm interested over a year later!
    3. I think nail polish is constantly evolving and changing, which is how it holds my attention so well. Since new collections come out so often, I can't get bored and lose interest - which is usually how I end up giving up on hobbies.

  21. Cristina ImpoverishedJanuary 21, 2012 at 3:16 PM

    I agree with Amanda, your tree pic is too cute! 
    Like some of your other commenters, I have found myself contemplating this question in the past. Right now I'm in a job where I have enough time and energy to post regularly, but I could easily imagine being so busy that it would become way less of a priority. I even have thought a few times, "When I've posted every color I have, I'll stop blogging. There would be nothing else to post about." However, my rate of acquisition is far outpacing my rate of wearing polishes, so I'll be blogging for a long time yet if that's the case. As for my love of polish, I'm not sure. I also go from hobby to hobby and do wonder if I'll eventually lose interest in polish. I feel like even if I didn't feel like buying or reading or blogging about polish, I own so much polish that I would still want to wear it.  It's definitely a new passion, one that has only been around 9 months or so while I've got other life issues going on, so we'll see how it all plays out.  Interesting to hear other bloggers and nail polish lovers' perspectives!


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