Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wet n' Wild Prancer & Disney Xmas (Pic Heavy)

Prancer is part the Wet n' Wild holiday stuff they released. I think they released a color for every reindeer. This is my favorite because it killed my lemming for Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers!

Prancer over WnW Black Creme

Prancer is small red glitter and large red hexagonal glitter in a clear base. Very pretty!

Last night my BF and I went to Downtown Disney. It's a shopping area with restaurants outside the Disney parks. The perk about Downtown Disney is you don't have to pay admission to go in. It's nice way to get a taste of Disney magic without the heavy price tag. Here are some pics of the pretty decorations!

We did some shopping. We went to this store Basin, which is very similar to Lush. I actually prefer Basin. Basin has a wider selection of scents, and their prices are much more reasonable. However, they only have locations in at Disney in Florida, Disney in California, & at the Canal Shoppes in Las Vegas. They are online though!

We got one of these fresh cut soaps that come in giant bars we cut it in half when we got home. This is in "Pikake".  Pikake is a type of jasmine flower that is used in lei flowers. This has a very tropical floral scent. I remember buying a lot Pikake scented stuff when I was in Hawaii a few years ago. We also got some shampoo bars. We got 4 for $25!

Egg Noggin' this is supposed remove oil while adding egg protein to your hair, Good Hair Day this is a citrus blend for all hair types, and the last two are Moroccan Mud this one is for my BF and men it has musky scent with aloe vera.

Finally, we had to get a treat at the end of the night!
This is  Mickey shaped Rice Crispie treat covered in different types of chocolate, Christmas sprinkles, and sugar snowflake. Yum!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Would you be interested in me doing a review on the Basin shampoo bars?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. That actually looks very similar to the Lippmann. :)

    Aw. I love DTD. You definitely do get the vibe of WDW without the pricetag. LOL.

    I wish I'd been able to make to either of the Basin locations when we were there in September. I definitely would have picked up some of that soap, as we stayed at the Poly.

  2. I need to find that red WnW polish! Where'd you pick it up? *drool* I miss Disneyland. I grew up in Central CA, so it was just a hop from home. Now it's 800+ miles away!

  3. i love basin! my family has an unhealthy disney obsession, so every time they go, i give them a list for basin!

    haven't tried the shampoo bars though.

  4. Ooh! Disney! <3
    I'm ridiculously obsessed with Disney [:

    I think I will look for the WnW polishes this week. I actually think I saw them at Fred Meyer a couple weeks ago. Hopefully they aren't gone!

  5. I went to Downtown Disney this summer. It was awesome! I bet its even cooler at Christmas time! Oh and that treat looks yummy! :)

  6. The only reindeer I couldn't find in that collection was Vixen.

    I don't think I've ever been in a Basin store even though I've been to the Disney parks a few times. I did make Mr. Karen wait while I played at the Sephora at the Downtown Disney in California one trip, though.

    Those Basin shampoo bars look easier to hold than the ones I used to use from Lush; would be interested to see what you think of them.

  7. I have to check out the basin store and I would love for you to do a review :)

  8. I was at Disney last January at a big family reunion. It was SO much fun, but it was TORTURE trying to pull my nephew out of Lego World.

    I'm really in withdrawal of Christmas decorations out here.

  9. I like how Prancer came off with a black polish.

    Now you have me wanting to go to DT Disney! lol I like that Basin has better prices than Lush. And considering it's Disney, that is a big surprise!

    Yes, please do a review on on the bars.

  10. Megan- I love the Polynesian. That's a great hotel!

    Megan- I found these at Walgreens a few weeks back. I can't imagine being so far from Disney!

    theetinygoat- I have a unhealthy Disney obsession too. I forgot how much I loved Basin. I hadn't been in there in awhile.

    Tierney- I'm ridiculously obsessed with Disney too. :D

    OliviasNails- It's very pretty at Christmas time and a lot cooler weather. I try to avoid Disney during summer way too hot!

    KarenD- My bf HATES makeup stores I never force him to go into them. However, he actually liked Basin. I was surprised.

    rmcandlelight- You should check it out. They tons of great stuff

    applepark- LOL Lego World is quite the attraction. It was PACKED to the brim the other night!

    Kimberly- It really was a surprise to me too. I usually pass by it assuming it would the same prices as Lush or more considering the location. It was definitely much more reasonable price wise the Lush. Plus they had little deals like the shampoo bars buy 4 for $25 rather than buy them individually for $8 each.

  11. ahh! my fellow floridian! I've been searching for prancer everywhere don't know where to find it! hmm

    I love Disney! I was just up at the new harry potter theme park @ universal last month!!

  12. prancer is just to die for...
    i love your disney photos :-)

  13. OMG!!! I am in LOVE with these! I like this one over the glitter red one. Amazing!

    I have it on now over Sally Hansen Emerald Forest.


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