Friday, December 17, 2010

OPI Ski Teal We Drop

I first want to start off by wishing my Dad a Happy Birthday!!! I know he reads my blog among the many other things he does for me. I'm really lucky to have such a wonderful Dad. I hope he has a great birthday!

Ski Teal We Drop is from OPI's Swiss Collection in fall. This has taken me forever to post about because it's one of those colors that I don't have much to say on. I absolutely love this color, so it doesn't need to be embellished by many words. :P

Ski Teal We Drop
Ski Teal We Drop is a dark teal creme.

Yep, that's about it. It's a gorgeous creme and teal is one of my favorite colors. I don't know what more I can add?

Happy Friday!


  1. Happy b-day to your dad! I love this polish, own it myself too as the only one from that collection, enjoy your friday!

  2. This color surprised me. I hadn't tried any teal colors before and it instantly won me over.

    What I didn't like though was the removal. It stained everything! The color is SO gorgeous though that it won't stop me from wearing it again. :)

  3. I love teals too. Happy Birthday to your dad!

  4. *swoonin* gorgeous color. thanks for swatching & sharing Steph

  5. I love this colour! It looks great on you :0

  6. very pretty shade & it's versatile for anytime of yr! love it!

  7. Wow! I can't even get my Mom to read my blog:(

    I have this and I'm not that crazy about it. I got it for free with Ulta points.

    Hey, have you seen the new Revlon Heavenly Metals collection polishes? There are 3 and all metallic - a copper, silver and gold.


  8. I've been wanting this polish for SO long, but then I got Illamasqua Muse. Seen from pictures, it's almost an exact dupe, is it?


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