Thursday, December 9, 2010

Red Glitter Comparison

Many of you thought it would be a good idea for me to do a red glitter comparison. I had a difficult time trying to figure out how to do this right. I probably have 20 red glittery polishes, so I just narrowed it down to the holiday looking jelly-glitter reds.

Here are the culprits....
China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Maybelline Comet, Milani Ruby Jewels, ELF Cranberry, Zoya Delilah

I used 3 coats of each of these to do this comparison. (It would probably be best to enlarge this photo)
I think Ruby Pumps is better than my swatch here. I was rushing and camera angle dulled it it out. 

-I think the Milani, China Glaze, & Maybelline are near dupes of each other color wise. Maybelline Red Comet maybe a tinge darker than the rest. I think where difference lies is with the the formula of each. Ruby Pumps is a thinner and I think could require more coats than the Milani and the Maybelline. The Milani and Maybelline really only need 2 coats. These are thicker polishes. Maybelline Red Comet is also a fast drying polish.

-ELF Cranberry is different from the rest of these. This is the Cranberry version in the Target gift set. This one has more of a creme-like base rather than a jelly. It's equally as glittery as the other but has a different finish. Also this red is slightly more warm-toned than the rest.

-Zoya Delilah is the opposite of ELF Cranberry. This has more of a jelly-base with less glitter than the Maybeline,Milani, and China Glaze.

I think all of these are great, but when it comes to the 3 that are practically the same I don't know the difference. I think if you weren't do a swatch fest and rushing like me. Bad Steph, I know. All of these except Zoya Delilah and China Glaze Ruby Pumps would only need two coats. Zoya and China Glaze would be better off with 3..or 4 if you're impatient like me! :P

I hope you like this comparison!

Happy Thursday!


  1. you are so awesome for swatching & sharing with us Steph! :O)

  2. Thanks for the comparison! I have a lot of glittery reds, too, yet keep buying them.

  3. I'm wearing Delilah right now and I agree - it needs 3 coats for maximum impact. Red sparklies are my favorite!

  4. I really like the Maybelline- is this an older one?

  5. I have a polish by Heaven Nail Lacquer that is very similar to Ruby Pumps too, but it only needs 2 coats, and could get away with one thicker coat. It's spectacular, especially since it costs a whopping $2! I wear it often enough that I'm strongly tempted to get a backup bottle (or two!).

    I'm kind of hoping to get some birthday money or something I can spend on Heaven polishes... I'd like to buy 8 or 10 of their polishes to play with. I'm just too cheap to do it, you know?

    Wait, not cheap. Frugal. :D

  6. Great comp! The thing is no matter how many glittery reds there are... I still want them all.

  7. This is a great comparison! I love sparkly red glitters. It's always nice to see how they stack up together!

  8. Thanks for doing this comparison. I love red glitters. I don't know if you need any more, but SH Xtreme Wear in Red Carpet has got to be one of the most amazing red glitters of all time.

  9. thank you for this post! you rock reds like no one else! another red glitter if you wanna try it is wet n wild's reindeer. :)

  10. Thank you for the comparison!!
    I own the Milani and have never felt the need to own Ruby Pumps. Now I know I don't have to. n_n

  11. It is simply scary how close these shades are to one another! I'm not really a red lover, and certainly not red glitter lover, so I don't have to worry. Yet. Might get converted one day. ;)

  12. I sure do love comparisons. I've always had a thing for red glitters. SEXY! And they are just that on you! :)


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