Thursday, December 23, 2010

Savina Emerald

 Before I get into this post I wanted to share this amazing RBL contest that was posted on Ji's blog. You have the opportunity to submit your own idea for a color that could be voted into an RBL Fan Collection. This sounds like a blast! I already have a color in mind. I hope you guys take up this fun opportunity too!

How about  a short break from China Glaze? Here is a pretty Savina green I found!

Savina Emerald

Savina Emerald is a emerald green shimmer.

I know this isn't the most original color, but I love it. I love this lends more to to the blue side than the yellow. It also has a touch of black to that gives it a cool look a long the edges of my nails. I got this Savina polish at Nordstrom Rack. Did anyone get that Groupon for Nordstrom Rack that was pay $20 for a $50 gift card? I got one, and haven't spent it yet. It's expires Dec 31, so I'll go in a stock up on Savinas after Christmas!

Happy Thursday!


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