Friday, December 3, 2010

Franken Midnight Snowfall

Hey everyone. I want to sincerely thank all of you who left me the kindest and most supportive comments on my last post. I truly appreciate all of your kindness. I know we do not know each other personally, but your warmth and care mean a lot to me. You all are wonderful people. I am so grateful! My cat seems to be doing a bit better. I have not heard any results yet from her urine test, so I'm assuming no news is good news as of now. I got in tomorrow to get more of her antibiotics so I will ask then if I don't hear from them today. I've realized sitting around worrying 24/7 isn't doing me any good. I shouldn't let worrying prevent me from enjoying life right now.

Here is a Franken I made recently. I used Wet n' Wild Nocturnal, Sinful Colors Midnight Blue, & that Wet n' Wild holographic glitter I found during Halloween.

Midnight Snowfall

Midnight Snowfall is a medium shimmery blue with holographic glitter.

I quite like this concoction. It's very wintery. Thankfully, it's starting to feel like winter here. I love the cooler weather!

Thank you all again for you kindness. ((Hugs)) to you all .

Happy Friday!


  1. Very pretty!!! I'm glad to hear your cat is coming along fine. i'm also enjoying the cool weather. Hubby surprised me a bought me the Milani set. yay..I was happy :)

  2. That's a great name for that polish. You made a win! LOL I hop eyour appt with your kitteh goes well.

  3. Very pretty. LOL I looked at your bottle and said to myself, "Oh crap. I think I just made something sooo similar." I also used Nocturnal and the WnW holo glitter. But I used Twilight Nox "Disco Darling" to ass some more shiny. :) Great minds think alike!

  4. Love this. I have a soft spot for blues & glitter as well. :O)

    I'm behind on my reading. Best wishes for your kitty.


  5. Oooh this turned out wonderfully!

  6. I hope your cat is alright! Let me go read that post. By the way, you can tell this is a Wet n Wild mixture, the blue metallic shimmer gives it away. But its very pretty! And blue! :)

  7. *swoon* It looks gorgeous on you!


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