Tuesday, December 7, 2010

China Glaze Party Hearty

Ok, this is entirely unrelated to polish, but I had the craziest dream last night. Do you ever have those dreams that make you question your sanity? I dreamed about little fairies passing out their favorite crayons to little kids. I haven't watched anything Tinkerbell at all. The only thing that makes sense in that dream is that I found a box of crayons yesterday. Our brains are strange huh?

Back to polish. Party Hearty is from China Glaze's recent holiday collection. It's a great sparkly top coat! I'm going to show it to you layered over various colors. It's probably best to enlarge these.

Party Hearty
over Ulta3- Snazzle

 over Milani Gold Lame
over Sinful Colors Gogo Girl

 over Eva Kelly Green

over Wet n' Wild Black Creme

Party Hearty is a glitter top coat with varying sizes of red, gold, green, and silver glitter. It's very festive. I think this is very similar to Milani "Gems" except "Party Hearty" is with Christmas themed colors.

That's it for today. Did you have any crazy dreams last night?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I know, it's funny how we can dream of the stranges things.

    I love party hearty over white. I must be color blind because I don't see silver in it :)

  2. Omg girl. Me.
    I have crazy dreams like every night. Last night, I had two...one was about this company who were kidnapping people to use them in this matrix-type virtual reality experiment. I don't remember everything, but there were beatings and sexual predators involved. I woke up from that (too scary), and when I went back to sleep, I dreamed that I was at a luau, dancing with Tyra Banks. o_O

    Anywho, Party Hearty is cute!! I love it over the silver.

  3. ooh la la just got this one today in a gift set on sale at sally's :) i can't wait to try it out! and your dream, weird as you think it is,is a perfectly happy dream. mine are always freakishly strange.

  4. New follower ♥

    I just bought the 3 pack Party Hearty set I am so excited to use it! :-D

    I really love it over the Kelly green! :-)

    And I love to see it over the Savvy Garland

  5. Ahhh I just love Party Hearty, I really need to get it.

    I dream or have a nightmare every night. It's tiring.

    Last night I had a reoccuring dream that there was an 8th and 9th Harry Potter book, and I wrote the 8th one while sitting in Queen St with Harry and Hermione, doing magic.

    Yeah. Insane.

  6. I'm with rmcandlelight, I like it over white polish...as a result, I think I'm going to have to give in and get a white...or I'll just layer it over a few coats of OPI Ridge Filler...I like that one as a squishy white in a few coats :)

  7. I love it,I love it,I love it...perfect christmas polish :-)

  8. I feel like I should really stop looking at your nail polish blog when I'm on a polish buying ban! But I might just break it for some Christmas colors/glitters.

    if you have time, can you do a winter/Christmas favorites like you did with the fall? -hopeful look-

  9. rmcandlelight- I *think* there was silver glitter in there. I could be wrong. I should of done it over white too! Ugh..hindsight is 20/20

    Chaos- Ugh that sounhds like a terrible dream except dancing with Tyra Banks. That's very random!

    Amanda- Yes, in comparison to my other dreams this was pretty light hearted. :P

    Liquoredonlacquer- Thanks for following! I love the name. If I have a change I'll put it on top of Garland. :)

    thegirlwithabow- That sounds like a fun dream!

    Kari- I know I wish I had layered it over white. You can a really cheap white by WnW for $1. I love their white and black polishes great for layering stuff over.

    nail crazy- Thanks!

    aki!- Thank you for the great idea. I will get to working on that! I should have that probably the week of Christmas so it will probably be more of a Winter favorites with some Xmas mixed in.

  10. I have tried so hard to find Party Hearty in my city. It's sold out everywhere. Very sad.
    Love the look of this polish though!


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