Thursday, September 19, 2013

Zoya Maria-Luisa

I love something different in nail polish collections. I love gold toppers too. Zoya's Maria-Luisa was an awesome surprise for me in their recent fall collection. This is a gold topper that is unlike anything I own, it's so cool and different.

Maria-Luisa over Zoya Caitlin
Maria-Luisa are gold semi-translucent flakes in a clear base.

Color: Amazing! This is not your standard gold opaque flakes, gold shreds, or gold glitter. The flakes in Maria-Luisa have some translucence. These flakes really give an unique antiqued look to the base polish. This so so interesting!!!

Formula: Great formula. The formula was easy to use and applied nicely.

Price: This is $9.00 on the Zoya website.

Overall: You need this. I think this is one of the coolest polishes I've come across this year. This all means I'm calling it a must have and adding it as a contender for my Top 20 of 2013 (Zoya is really hitting it out of the park!). I love the unique finish this has, and it's nothing like I've seen before. I am so impressed!

My Rating 5 out of 5 Paint Splatters
Happy Thursday!


  1. I first saw this on Liesl's blog and I loved it. I don't have it yet, but it is a "must own" for me. Thank you for sharing and reinforcing the fact that I "need" this polish. LOL

  2. It looks gorgeous! It's definitely going on my wishlist :) I agree, there are a lot of gold polishes out there but this one is unique!

  3. I love this. I really hate that Zoya is so awesome, haha!

  4. This is such a unique take on a gold topper, I really think I might have to pick this up!

  5. Haha, you're welcome!

  6. Me too! They make so much great stuff!

  7. I think you do!

  8. It looks almost copper in your pictures! Great combo!


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