Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Zoya Kerry

You ever have nail polish you keep calling the wrong name? This is the problem I have with Zoya Belle Kerry. I keep wanting to call it Belle, and you will soon see why.....


Kerry is a sunny yellow gold metallic.

Color: You get why I want to call this Belle? This reminds me so much of Belle's dress in Beauty and the Beast. I love gold, but it is never a flattering color on me as a full mani. Kerry is different. This yellow gold is cooler toned and softer. I would never consider wearing yellow gold as a full mani until now. This is gorgeous!

Formula: Great smooth formula. I used 3 coats in the above swatch.

Price: This is $8 on the Zoya website

Overall: I am in love with this color. If you're someone who loves gold, but tends to avoid it on your nails, this maybe what you've been wishing for! I'm calling this one a must have, and has been added as a contender for my Top 20 of 2013 list (have had a lot of those recently!). 

My Rating 5 out of 5 Paint Splatters
Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love the colour! Not your typical gold, which is nice. I can't wear many golds either. I look like I have liver disease when I do, and you are totally right it reminds me of Belle too!

  2. Kelsey @ Polished PrescriptionSeptember 10, 2013 at 1:37 PM

    What a pretty gold polish! It looks great on you! Trust me, I feel your pain when it comes to the search for a gold polish that actually looks good with my skin tone. Seems like you found that in Kerry. And definitely reminds me of Belle's dress... let's just rename it ourselves ;) haha

  3. I can see why you want to call it Belle, and it looks great in you indeed Steph!

  4. Belle would have been a perfect name for this color!

  5. This is beautiful. I wonder why I'm just now seeing this color. I think I need this one.

  6. Ughhhh, I love this color so much! I must have put it on at least 3x this summer (but then again, I'm also in a MAJOR gold phase).

  7. I think Zoya needs to do a Disney princesses collection. You know, Belle, Jasmine, Ariel... ? How great would that be!!!

  8. Thanks! Yeah, golds don't tend to be skin tone friendly for me at all!

  9. Glad you like it!

  10. That would be perfection!


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