Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Way-Cool Mani Wednesday: Avon Brights

It seems like in the past few years that neons have become appropriate to wear in fall. I wouldn't wear neons as a full outfit, but neons as accents and accesories in fashion seems really cool to me. I love the combination of fall deep and muted shades with neon accents. Mind you, I'm about as fashionable as a banana slug, so my fashion sense should probably be disregarded. However, I do like to try to coordinate fashionable trends through color, that typically being through nails and makeup.

I did this neon, bright, and fun mani recently, and I think it would look great during any season!

Polishes Used: 

L-R: Avon Hot Pants, Shock, Electric, OPI The Man With The Golden Gun, and Finger Paints Are You Hoppy?

Manicure Description: I painted my thumb, index, and pinky fingers with Hot Pants. I painted my middle finger with Shock topped with The Man With The Golden Gun, and my ring finger with Electric topped with Are You Hoppy?

I'm very happy with this mani.  I love the colors together with the glitter accents. It's manis like these that make me feel good. They're fun and they pop!

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. Oh this is so fun looking! I love that it has become fashionable to wear neon accents in the fall. As much as I love muted fall colours, I am generally a colourful person.

    Also... "Mind you, I'm about as fashionable as a banana slug," made me laugh pretty hard, and I can totally relate. I live in track pants, yoga pants, and anything comfortable. My nails are the only fashionable thing about my style!

  2. Super fun! I am so bummed I never found The Man With The Golden Gun!

  3. Thanks for trying out the Avon polishes! My sister sells Avon and I always love seeing reviews so I will know what to order. It seems like most blogs ignore Avon altogether.

  4. Really?!? It's a great polish.

  5. You're welcome! I love Avon polishes!


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