Saturday, September 28, 2013

Glitt-A-Licia Guest Post: Khan: Mad, Bad, and Fabulous

My husband decided that since I love Star Trek Into Darkness, I need to watch the original Star Trek Wrath of Khan and meet Khan as he knew him.

Considering I am a chick who never watched much Star Trek growing up, I will give you my thoughts on the two movies.

A Non Trekkie Chick Guide to Khan from Star Trek:

1- When I watched the original, I was immediately intrigued by Khan's attire. I know I have seen this outfit on Lady Gaga, but she did not have the boobs to pull it off like Khan does. It's daring, but who is gonna mess with a dude dressed like that with man boobs that big?! I dare you! Plus one for Original Khan!
 (Clip of Star Trek:Wrath of Khan of Paramount Pictures)

2- Holy Canoly Batman! Benedict Cumberbatch has the SEXIEST VOICE EVER! He is like "blah, blah, I'm going to destroy you," and I'm all fangirling like "OK!!!" Plus he doesn't look half bad in that black outfit ;) Plus one for New Khan!
(Clip of Star Trek Into Darkness by Paramount Pictures)

3- It seems like the cockier the bad guy is, the more I love him (just ask my husband)! Plus one for both Khans!

4- Both Khans really want to destroy the world, and that's not cool  :/ Minus one for both Khans!

5- I am in such awe watching the New Khan's monologue about his crew, but I can not help to notice that when he gets mad, he looks kinda like a V. Raptor from Jurassic Park :/ We know those Raptors were super smart, but seriously up to no good! Minus one for New Khan.
(Clips of Star Trek Into Darkness by Paramount Pictures and Jurassic Park of Universal Studios)


So basically, it all boils down to who would you rather get into a fight with in a dark alley??? A dude with a mullet, killer sense of style showing off his huge man boobs, and bugs that crawl in your ear??? Or the sexiest sounding dinosaur that is bent on destroying the planet???

Well, that world domination sounds all good and fun, but I rather stay home and mix a nail polish based on Khan. 

I have started a hobby that has now grown into an obsession. Making my own original polish from scratch is my zen time. I love watching the glitter mix and see how everything comes together. Even if the polish turns out as ugly as those ear worms (shudder) it was incredibly soothing to make. Mixing polish is the eye to my hurricane. Everything around me is twisting out of control, but I am at peace in the center of all the chaos. Please, please bear with my nubs and pitiful paint job. My nails were crushed in my wreck a month ago. They are finally growing out, but break right at the tip. Also I still have not gotten used to painting my nails with my franken thumb. It is numb and hurts at the same time, which makes painting very awkward and uncomfortable. I still try! Lol!!!

Without further ado,  I introduce you to "Khan: Mad, Bad, and Fabulous" 
Sorry the pics are not great. Since I do not have a light box, my stove light and iphone will have to do for now. ;(
Polishes used in this mani are Cult Nails Fetish (from, Khan: Mad, Bad, and Fabulous (made by me), and Digital Nails ANGTFD quick drying top coat (from
Me and my worked all night, mascara all smudged, stopped all up, can't breathe, where is my nose strip so I can sleep self. You know I like to keep it real ;) lol

Also, if you actually made it this far in my post you need to be rewarded! I will let you in on a little secret!!!! All of the glitter used in Khan came from a fantastic new website called! I hate revealing secrets this good, but since they are so awesome at Didspade, I must tell the world about them!! Plus they are so freaking friendly, with the best customer service, that I just keep giving all of my money to them! Lol!!!!

Please drop me a comment and let me know what you think about Khan, super villain and polish :)
Sparkle On Reader,


  1. I love your posts! Using a stove light? Awesome. I am not much of a photographer myself so I can relate. Thanks for the entertainment!

  2. Yep, all I got is my stove light ;) I am so glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks for any compliment on the pics. I try! Lol!!

  3. I don't know anything about Star Trek or Khan, but this polish you made is gorgeous! So sparkly!

    I take my pics under the stove light sometimes, too. And always with my iphone as light box or fancy camera for me either.

  4. You crack me up. I think I choose the New Khan since I am not into insects or man boobs. I of course have very little experience with Velociraptors either. Cool Color.

  5. I grew up watching Trek and I'm a huge fan of both Khans, but I gotta give it to Benedict Cumberbatch because he is the sexiest man I've ever seen in my life (shhhh don't tell my hubs!)!! Been a huge fan of his for several years, so seeing him enter the Trek world was a dream come true! Love your Khan polish too! :D

  6. Yeah, I know nothing about Star Trek, but I really liked the new movie. This is def a tongue-in-cheek non Trekkie chick guide in honor of my hubby ;)

    Glad to know I am not alone in the iphone/stovelight department ;)

  7. Glad you like the color and even happier you got a kick out of the post. I'm leaning to new Khan because dang! I love that voice! :D

  8. Since this post is in honor of my hubby's love of sci-fy, I made him read it. If it made him laugh, I knew it was perfect! It made him laugh, but he did come to a pause and give me a stink eye at the "I love you" pic! Lol! High five for Benedict love!! ;D

  9. Just to mention, the website for DidSpade is not

  10. Thank you, that was hysterical. I grew up watching the original movies, Captain Kirk screaming KHHHHAAAANNNN! at the top of his lungs always makes me giggle. Your polish is sparkly, I heartily approve. Thanks for the laughs, although I find new Khan scarier than old Khan, nostalgia tips it slightly to Ricardo "fine Corinthian leather" Montalban.

  11. I am so glad you approve the polish and the post! The original Khan is awesome! I wanted the polish to be dark like Khan's personality, but to have sparkles like the cosmos he lives in. I wanted to capture the original Khan's wicked sense of over the top style, so there are fine, scattered holos in there. At the same time, I wanted to add a slight linear holo to capture the new Khan's clean, sleek appearance.

  12. Loved the entire post. This is one of my favorites ever. I really like your writing style - you are very entertaining. I remember that part about Khan putting the worms in their ears and I was thoroughly disgusted too. I haven't seen the new Khan though.

  13. i love the new star trek movies! his voice is incredibly sexy. i just cannot get into the old star trek.... =[

  14. I could listen him talk Amanda Bines crazy and still be mesmerized by that voice! "I will lick a toad and start seeing sounds. Once I do that, I will drink all the water out of the ocean and fly to the moon. You understand right?" Me, "I love you! Talk some more!!!" That is a sexy voice!

  15. You rent it, and I will bring the popcorn! You must hear this man speak! Lol!

  16. I have been laughing so hard about your comparison of the Khans! I watched both movies and know what you are talking about :-P

  17. That is the best compliment to me! I am so glad I could make you laugh :D I wanted this to be a glimpse of what goes inside my mind when I watch certain movies. This post sums up pretty much my exact train of tought as I was watching the Star Trek movies. ;D I think I have my next movie/polish in mind! I can't wait to write it up!!

  18. Do you have your own blog? I looked but could not find one.

  19. I made an attempt to start a blog but became overwhelmed very quickly. After I made a guest post for Steph, she was so sweet and offered me a permanent guest blogger on her blog. I am so thankful she gave me this opportunity. I work nights with 2 babies. One is 2 and half and the other will be one next month. Steph has shown a lot of trust letting me be a regular, and I try my best not to let her down :D

  20. Becca @ FrankenFemmeOctober 1, 2013 at 11:00 PM

    I loved your Khan comparisons! I definitely lol'd. Those pics of the new Khan comparison also totally reminds me of one of the Koopas from the 90's Mario Bros. movie (please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers that?) As for frankening, I TOTALLY understand. It's become one of my passions and it is wickedly addictive! This one is gorgeous so keep up the good work!

  21. I have a confession...I actually went to the theater to see the Mario Movie! Lol!!!! I'm glad you like the polish! I would love to see some of your polish. It is so addicting and my little "me" time. I love watching rverything swirl together :D


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