Saturday, September 14, 2013

Glitt-A-Licia Guest Post: What We Do in the Name of Glitter

Oh what we do in the name of glitter!

You know how time seems to slow to a screeching halt when you are really, really, REALLY looking forward to something???

I knew I had a package coming from Digital Nails and could not wait to get it! I saw all the amazing glitter made by Raphaelle owner of Digital Nails on one of my favorite nail blogs Accio Lacquer. Immediately, I recognized resistance would be futile. Fighting this urge would be harder than algebra, so instead of fighting my urge, I gave in. (Math is so hard anyway)

The wait was torture! Not on Raph’s part, she mailed the polish the very same day my order was placed, but waiting on glitter is like a kid on Christmas Eve torture!

When I checked the tracking, and it said out for delivery, I paced by the window nonstop just to catch sight of the mail lady. I even made the hike to my mailbox 3 times, just to make sure I did not miss her dropping off the package.
(As you can see from the picture, I live at the bottom of a friggin mountain some call it a hill…whatever). 

If I actually make it to the mailbox once without passing out, it is a good day! I made the trip four times! FOUR TIMES! Three times ended empty handed but the fourth time I struck glittery gold!!!

After I saw the package in the mailbox, I nearly fainted (not sure from excitement or from pure exhaustion). There inside my mailbox was a little white box with the words “Yay glitter!” staring back at me. 

Yep! I was already in love! It was destiny! Tearing into the box was almost as fun as seeing my polish for the first time. 
Now, on to the good stuff! Glitter! Lots of GLITT-A! So much glitter the space station called and told me to close the box because the glitter was blinding them! Well, not really, but I would not be shocked if they would have called! 

I purchased Spoilers, Serenity, Sorry 
I’m not Made of Sugar, Double Rainicorn, Bad Wolf, Rhaegal, and Hipster in a Bottle. I think my brain was on the verge of exploding being in the same room with so much beautiful nail polish! 
I did a quick mani of Sorry, I’m not Made of Sugar (sorry if it looks messy, I was still lightheaded from so many hikes to the mailbox when I painted my digits). It is beautiful! A rich purple jelly with black glitters and spectraflair. You heard me! Spectraflair baby! Even though this polish was amazing on it’s own, I could not help myself. I layered a very thin layer of Serenity over the Sorry I’m not Made of Sugar. Wow! I fell speechless! I was in glitter heaven. Instead of watching tv, I was watching my nails. The color shift was just glorious, like little fireworks on my nails. 

I have since fallen in love with Raph, and she is my geeky goddess of glitter!!! We even worked on a collaboration polish based on Leeloo from the Fifth Element!!!
(Photo is by Digital Nails from Digital Nails Etsy Shop)


Watch this video showing just how clueless men are when it comes to nail polish!! Click on the link below to see what my husband had the audacity to say when he saw me with Serenity and Convergent! It was just crazy talk right there!!

You can purchase Digital Nails from Raph in her Etsy shop
While you are at it, check out my friend Mishka at

Sparkle On Reader,

*I bought this polish with my own hard earned money. I was not compensated for this review. I’m just telling it like I see it ;)

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  1. You are so funny, but I understand your excitement in waiting for a package in the mail. That is how I am waiting on my Disney Travel Co. stuff. And polish/nail art stuff. And hoop stuff. Have you ever tried to intercept the postal delivery before they get to your mailbox? And why do they always run later than usual when your tracking order says, "delivered"??? Oh yeah, I totally get your excitement. At least you went back to the house between checks, I would stayed there stalking the mail truck. Oh, please do swatch that green glittery polish on the top right first, and that shimmery translucent looking one right beneath it.


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