Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Way-Cool Mani Wednesday: Out of this World

My favorite movie of all time is Contact. This movie is based on the amazing book Contact by Carl Sagan. This isn't your typical sci-fi action adventure. What I love about this film/book is how thoughtful and inspiring it is. The basic premise of this film is that earth is contacted by extraterrestrials, and it goes about the motions of our reaction and experience to this in a realistic way.

The grandeur and awe of our vast universe, and how precious and tiny we all in comparison, is just one of the beautiful and humbling concepts in this film/book. I cry every time I watch this film because it gives me hope that humanity will not only one day learn to love each other, but that we will continue to push ourselves to discover and explore our universe. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.

In honor of my favorite movie and Way-Cool Mani Wednesday. I wanted to do mani inspired by it. The easy choice would be galaxy nails, but "I ain't got time for that"! Instead I chose to something that didn't involve nail art, but I think is clearly inspired by space.

Polishes Used:
China Glaze 2NITE, Claire's Galaxy, and Shimmer Polish Astrid.

Manicure Description: I pained my thumb, index, and pinky finger with ChG 2NITE. I painted my middle finger with Claire's Galaxy, and I layered 2 coats of Shimmer Polish Astrid over Cult Nails Nevermore on my ring finger.

I love my mani! I think I also captured a lot of the colors in the film cover.
I love a great galaxy manicure, but I think if you don't have the time or patience to recreate that, you can always look toward holographic polishes, holographic glitters, iridescent glitters, and black glittery polishes to help give off the space-themed without all the work!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. This is lovely! Great manicure inspired by the movie :)

  2. Oh 2Nite... how amazing are you?! Way cool :-)

  3. One of my favorites too and I LOVE your representation of it so much <3 I haven't read the book I'm sad to admit, but it's on the to read list!

  4. LOL you sound like me. I want to stamp and do nail art but...ugh aint nobody got time fa dat!

  5. Love Contact! My fave galaxy mani without the work is Zoya Storm. nice mani- you will be staring at your hands, for sure.

  6. I know! I sometimes forget how awesome the ChG OMG collection was!

  7. Thank you so much! It's a good read, definitely more involved than the film!

  8. Thanks! Storm is a good choice! I kind of wish I used that one with this now too!


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