Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Talk it Out Tuesday: Blogging Burnout

Blogging Burnout

* DISCLAIMER: Please note this post is not in regards to people who have had any serious life changes or challenges that have caused them to stop blogging. I genuinely understand and respect those circumstances, and take them seriously. This is really just a casual conversation topic, so please realize I'm not trying to diminish any serious issues here or be critical of anyone who has to stop blogging for reasons out of their control. 

The main reason I unfollow blogs is because of the lack of posting or inconsistent posting. I had to purge some blogs a few weeks ago because I was at my limit on Blogger. I ended up removing close to 100 blogs mainly because they had not been updated in months, weeks, or the blogger posted inconsistently (2 posts one week, one post 3 weeks later, 1 post a month later etc).

I understand blog hiatuses, and bloggers should not have to apologize for them. There is no need to apologize! We all have times in our lives and the reasons are irrelevant that we may need a break or have to be absent from blogging. These are not the blogs I removed.

A majority of these blogs were brand new blogs with 2-10 posts in a 1-3 week span, and they never blogged again. I see a lot of this happening since nail blogging has become so popular. I saw to a lesser degree blogs that had been very consistent where the bloggers just dropped off the face of the earth. 

Why does this happen? I have guesses I'm sure with newer bloggers who quit realize that blogging requires a lot of upkeep and consistency to gain a following (my opinion only). While blogging is fun, it is not always easy and it does take work. The other reason for good blogs being abandoned is I'm sure people have other things going on in their lives that take precedence or they've simply moved on to other interests. These all are valid and understandable reasons, but it is always disappointing to see a new promising blog disappear or a tried and true blog not get updated anymore.

There is also instances where regular and active bloggers experience a burnout. I have mini burnouts on a occasion. I know I blog differently than some. I tend to collect my new polish over a span of few weeks, and do a major swatch session on weekend. This allows me to have library of swatches to choose from at any given time. I started this even while I was changing my nails everyday. I knew I'd get to a point where I would not be able to do that, and wanted to the flexibility to have blogging material on hand.

There are times though where I put off the swatching a few days or a week because I just don't want to be bothered with it. There are times I open up a blog post, and I have no idea what to write. It's those times I just go with those feelings. I do not post or I push back the swatching. I don't do this because I'm tired of blogging really,  it's just at that moment it's not going to happen. If I'm not feeling right about what I'm doing the result are not going to be good. Plus, the last thing I want to do is push myself into corner where I feel obligated or guilty for not posting, that would ruin the experience. I do definitely have those moments and days where I just don't want to be bothered, and that's ok!

Thankfully, I have never felt the need to put my blog on hiatus for any extended amount of time. I hope that doesn't change, but there are no guarantees in life. Last week, is a good example of an off week for me blogging.  I only had 4 posts last week, when I typically have 5 or 6. I know that's a lot by many standards, but to me that's an off week. I just wasn't feeling it! This weekend, I had a bunch of new colors to swatch, and it revitalized me. Usually, a  couple of new pretty polishes is all is usually takes.

I know many bloggers have these moments too, and some more so than me. I also know that some life challenges occur that are out of our control cause this too. That is always of course completely understandable. If it's for reasons of needing a break or having other interests that's ok too. We all need a break at times, but please let your readers know if it's because of that...none of this falling of the planet stuff! We miss you too much!

What are you thoughts on this subject from a blogger or a reader perspective?
If you're a blogger who stopped blogging what are your reasons?
If you're a blogger who has had burnout or got in a funk how do you get out of it? 

Happy Tuesday 


  1. Well said! I have been blogging for a little over a year - and there were times where it started to feel more like work and I was ready to throw the towel in - it got so difficult to post everyday, but I figured out a schedule for myself and my blog, and it got better. Now I do swatches and nail art maybe once every two weeks when I have some free time and I don't feel so overwhelmed. Blogging is meant to showcase what you love and want to share with others - it bugs me when others think it has become a job. If I'm feeling a burnout, I schedule a few posts and give myself a few days and I come out of it. Plus, while I'm taking a break - I see amazing posts from others and I get that itch again :)

  2. I think taking a mini break can be good for recharging the batteries. Earlier this semester I had a bunch of marking and a conference I was giving a paper at, so I just told my readers that I was taking a week break to deal with everything. I felt much better about blogging when I returned. Being inspired, as you mentioned, is also helpful for keeping you going as a blogger. For me, getting new polishes, or going through my stash and finding great polishes that I haven't tried, or brainstorming ideas for nail art, can all be good ways to get inspired. Keeping a journal might also be a useful way to generate ideas for blogging. After all, artists keep sketchbooks and writers keep journals in order to keep the creative juices flowing. I've started to do this, and already I think it will be good for me.

    But I also wonder whether it is becoming more difficult to gain a following as a blogger. I've had a much better response to my Instagram in the last 2 months or so, than I have in the 4 1/2 months that I've been blogging. Maybe I'm cynical because I teach university students, but I think there's as shift with younger people wanting information fast and easy. And as a blogger, I know that having some dedicated followers who like, share, or comment on your work, can be really encouraging.

  3. I'm struggling for time/motivation at the min after finally finishing uni and having time spare! Christmas and all of its preparations isn't helping either but I'll get back into it. I've had to purge blogs I follow a few times and it's amazing how many are abandoned when you look through them all.

    I always feel a bit sad when a blog you enjoy gets more and more sporadic until the last posts are just them apologising for not posting any more then they just stop :-(

  4. I definitely agree with a lot of that. Weeks in between posts is a big turn off for reading blogs, especially newer ones.

    I find sometimes for myself I go four to six days without posting and I feel terrible about it. Sometimes time just gets away from me and I don't typically have any stored swatches ready to go. It really is good to have a plan or schedule about what you are posting and when. I hope my occasional week long lags aren't too terrible for readers, I do try to keep it to only two or three days between posts.

    I am always amazed at bloggers who post multiple times per day, that is so dedicated but I know I could never fit that in with school and work.

  5. I'm kind of guilty of this. The first time I had a hiatus it was almost 2-3 months long. I went from having a bad week where I felt depressed to being stuck in and feeling kind of lazy too. I felt like the worst blogger in the world when I came back. The second time I had a hiatus, which was recently, it was another two months. I actually had a lot of personal issues going on this time, so I didn't feel like I could keep up with my blog and I just wasn't that into it. I also didn't think it was the most important thing at the moment. I hardly painted my nails while I was away but once I started to, I really missed blogging. Seeing posts from everyone else helped too. I'm glad I'm back now.

  6. I'd feel terrible if I stopped blogging all of a sudden instead of my daily posts and would not say a thing about it! Not because I wouldn't ever have that happen - I mean, your goals in life can easily change, right? But if that does occur, I would explain the lack of posting. I do feel those little hick ups every now and then, but usually I am not in the mood for anything fun when that happens, it means I need to take some more care of myself and it'll be fine. I find comfort in my buddy blogger, I know she has a backlog too so she could easily step in when needed!

  7. I recently unfollowed several blogs for the same reasons.... lack of posts, or lack of consistency with posts. I have felt a bit of the blogger burnout at times... sometimes I just don't feel like editing and writing posts, lol. But I think if I ever went on a hiatus, it would be that much harder to come back.

  8. Oh I can't even tell you how disappointing it is to me for good bloggers to just stop blogging!!! I really love good quality manis and I read the blogs to find out about people... And then just bam, no explanation, and they're gone!!! So I totally hear ya!
    I've been blogging for about a year now and I absolutely love it!! I hope I continue to do so and people will find me interesting enough to keep following me...

  9. I agree with your reasoning for unfollowing blogs. I've done so for the same reasons. I need to see that you are regularly sharing information. Thankfully, I haven't experienced any burnout. I try to do swatching when I'm in the mood and have free time to make sure I always have something to post.

  10. I don't have burnout but I am having medical issues that prevent me from doing my nails and I've already used up my backlog of posts I had done so until I'm improve there's not much else that can be done other than a guest doing a post for me.

  11. This is a great post! I am one of those who is going through a "dry spell" due to life and health issues. Plus I have so many blogs LOL I can't photograph my nails myself, so I need time w/ hubby and then he has to transfer the pix (I need to learn that myself). Then the editing and writing and it really does take time and dedication!! Kudos to the bloggers that work so hard to post frequently!!

    I really don't see getting out of my funk until after the holidays. I'm so behind as it is, so start fresh with the new year right?

    I think for me, I care about the blogging itself, not how many readers I have or how to attract more....I love my followers and readers! And I wish I had the time and persistence it took to be a professional blogger because I think I could be good at it. But in reality--blogging is a hobby, and a social outlet.

    When it comes to blogs like you describe, I don't necessarilly unsub (and this is me--not advice what anyone else should do). If possible I subscribe by email so it saves me from going blog to blog. If I have a nice stretch of time (lololol) then I go thru the blogs in my faves. If it looks like they haven't been around for awhile, I put them in the folder "Archives". Because I am a packrat even online lol and invariable I will think of something I read on a blog and want to access it (though yes I probably just wind up googling it).

    Happy holidays :)

  12. From a reader's perspective....

    I follow "subject blogs", like nail blogs, to keep semi-current on the subject at hand. (So to speak.) I surely don't expect any blogger to post every day - goodness, you have lives too! - but I do look for blogs that have regular posts. And if they need a break, that's ok - just tell me, I'll leave you in the newsreader.

    But if bloggers just disappear for weeks on end, I delete them. The longer they've been active before that, the longer I wait, but after 3-4 months, I figure they've quit. Or gone to Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter/pick your new social media that I don't have time for. It's sad, but if they're quitting or moving on, their blog isn't meeting the reasons I followed it, and it's time for us to part ways.

    I think most bloggers would be happy to have four posts in a week - that's more than enough!

  13. Another great Talk It Out Tuesday post! I think unfollowing due to lack of content is a perfectly fine reason, and I know as reader, generally I just want to know if a blog is on hiatus (not necessarily the reason) or is just done so I can move on.

    Personally, I definitely feel like I'm way more inconsistent about blogging than I mean (and want) to be, because I'm not very good at planning ahead and getting posts together. I will have the swatches all ready to go, but no actual content. And I definitely get burnout-- feeling like I have nothing new to say, especially. But usually I'm not posting because real life gets in the way and I need to plan better. Generally, if I can get 4-5 posts up a week, I'm pretty happy!

  14. I definitely agree about unfollowing blogs that suddenly have no content, or very sporadic content. Speaking solely for myself, I feel the need to let my readers know when/if I'm not going to be around. I do see a lot of new blogs that start off with alot of great content, and then wham! gone. I don't know if those are bloggers that just didn't realize how much work blogging is, or if they were lead to believe that the minute you start a blog you gain thousands of followers and Brands start mailing cases of polish to your doorstep (received a few emails from people asking how to make that happen). I hate bringing that possibility to light, but it does happen.

    As for burnout....man. I'm starting to feel it. I've recently started doing reviews for a few Indie and newer brands, and I'm starting to run out of original things to say. That and, and this will sound petty and lame, I've been blogging for over a year, offering tons of content with quality photos, etc, and my following is still really small (Even with a giveaway running my follower count low). Some days it feels like noone is really reading my words, which I tend to take way too personally since the reason I blog is that I LOVE sharing my love of polish with people. Most of my "active" readers know me well, since I respond to email, twitter, and FB messages ASAP (Comments are another story though...I wish I had time to respond to them all, but with a 2 year old and an Autistic 11 year old time is limited). I try to be personable and engaging, but some days I just feel a bit shunned. I don't give up (and it will be along time before I do) since I love blogging, but some days it's just hard to be excited about it.

    end pettiness ;)

  15. I personally have never unfollowed any blogs - but I've never reached the limit on Blogger either. There are very few times I've realized that someone has stopped blogging... that's just something I don't keep track of I guess. The sporadic posting doesn't bother me either... I figure it's their blog, they can post when they want - there are no rules of how often someone should post. It's not like followers are paying for a subscription or anything - so what does it matter? But that's just me... I just got back into blogging myself a couple of weeks ago, after about a 9 month lull - but I had stopped due to normal life events... I bought a new house and just got married. But I def. see your point... if I had to purge some blogs I followed, those would be the first to go - just the logical choice. I've never experienced burnout and don't know that I will either - painting my nails, buying polish and creating nail art is just something that is a part of me - so blogging comes pretty naturally and doesn't feel forced.

  16. I have unfollowed when they just stop blogging but I think that is about the only time I do. I feel if I followed them then I want to keep supporting even if they are not bloggin as much. If they continue to even just once a week I will keep following. I know I have been in little funks or been really busy before so I would hate to have people unfollow me just because of that. It is nice to get a post from them stating they will be on a hiatus just to let us know. That's what I would do :)
    Great post girl!

  17. It's definitely sad to see great blogs just stop without a word, but like you, I can absolutely understand when people need to take some time away, for whatever reason. Blogging can be a lot like trying to lay down the tracks while the train is coming up behind you, and even when you're having a great with with it (like I am! ;p), the pressure to keep producing can easily get a bit stressful at times.

    I think if/when I ever do need to take a short break, I'm going to try to give myself a hard return date and be sure to commit to it on my blog. If I didn't do that I could easily see myself taking a week off, which stretches to a week and a half...and by then, what's 2 weeks?...and then I'd be out of the habit and waiting for inspiration or motivation to strike while time kept rolling on...

  18. I totally feel the burnout sometimes. I rarely unfollow because I sometimes get so busy with school or work, and I can't really judge someone for not being as consistent. I always feel bad and usually say that I've been crazy busy at the beginning of a post so my readers know.

  19. Blogger has a limit? Oh noes. I tend to unfollow if people don't post for months, if they have loads of sponsored posts (I find them off-putting) or if they suddenly change the blog direction into something I'm not interested in. I do get slightly disinteresting in posting once in a while, but if I get off my butt and revisit my enormous makeup stash I'll always find something to talk about.

  20. I'm one who dropped off the face of the earth. I haven't updated my blog in over a year. :( For me, it was burnout and depression that caused me to quit. I was spending my entire weekends swatching and photographing, only to hate the pics and spending double the time trying to edit them. UGH. Also, I won't lie... money was a factor. I was trying to stay current on everything, so buying everything - not exactly in my budget! And honestly, it isn't the way I wanted my blog to be either. So, it sits, sad and lonely. I keep saying I am going to go back, but it never seems to work out. I am currently working on a challenge that I will hopefully get through and can actually post again. I am keeping my fingers crossed that all my followers won't have left by then!

  21. I haven't stopped. Yet. But I am kinda thinking about it. Have been nail blogging for 3 years or more. I dunno, sometimes I just feel like "what's the point?". Mainly with getting new nail polish all the time. Why do I need hundreds of polishes? That's what bothers me right now.

  22. Kat Hooked On PolishDecember 13, 2012 at 4:17 PM

    I very rarely officially follow blogs, I kind of always forget. Thing is, I've been reading blogs for about 2 years and I have been blogging for almost a year and it wasn't until I started blogging that I discovered how to use GFC and such. I used to always have them in my bookmarks and check back almost every day. Now, I might be the most loyal reader but I forget to officially follow so I very rarely have to unfollow.

    I will say this though, I didn't realize how hard blogging was and how much time it takes until I started so I obviously understand that sometimes you just need a break. Stuff happens that is often out of our control, I barely posted last week because of a friend's passing and schoolwork. However, when well established blogs just disappear off the map for months, I sometimes think they don't appreciate what they had. It's so difficult and time consuming to gather up a following that just abandoning it without a word irks me. I'm not saying you can't stop blogging, goodness knows we have lives and things change, but just a post at least saying "I'm not feeling it anymore, sorry" is better than nothing.

  23. Sarah, I know how you feel. I've been blogging for almost two years and even though I do love it and have a great time doing it, more frequently I have found myself saying "why do I need all these nail polishes?". I think I need to make a conscious effort to a) swatch and blog what I have instead of buying new polishes and b) get rid of those I don't need anymore.

  24. My reason for going on a break is needing to spends time with my husband who was in the hospital and my daughter coming to visit but also to reevaluate the direction of my blog. Study my stats and see what readers want to see. I have not had a new follower in about 2 months. I post an average of 50 a month. I don't understand what is going on.

  25. Great post topic. I have felt burnout lately or lack of inspiration, and often I feel like I "should" do other things instead like socialize more or cook or clean or do laundry or spend more time with my dogs and groom them more often. I haven't figured out a method for dealing with the burnout. I just start fresh every week and try again to put up a few blog posts.

  26. Kimber, would you send me a message with the name of your blog, please? Thanks.


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