Monday, December 3, 2012

Sparkled Out Drummer Boy

I think one of the most challenging and most first world problem-esque type things about having enough nail polish to paint the globe is not knowing what color to wear. I'll get mani ideas in mind, and what I end up doing is taking a nail wheel and trying out different layering combos, glitter gradients, and saran wrap nail art until I find something I like.

This is usually a great start, until I find out it's one of those days. I had one of those you fail at painting your nails and doing anything nail related days yesterday. I fully intended on doing a glitter gradient nail look using China Glaze Little Drummer Boy and L'Oreal Silver Sparkle when I realized that was not going to happen. I could not even paint my base of ChG Little Drummer Boy correctly. The polish flooded my cuticles. I got little dents in it. I attempted to do the glitter gradient on the accent nail, but that wasn't happening. This was a fail, so I ended up just painting coat of L'Oreal Silver Sparkle on my accent nail over the ChG. I planned just to call it a day there, but I liked the look of my accent nail so much I just layered the Silver Sparkle over the rest of my nails.

L'Oreal Silver Sparkle layered over China Glaze Little Drummer Boy

Here is a pic in dim lighting with no flash, it picked up the detail better!

I LOVE the look of this, it has this awesome metallic sheen, and the blue peeking through the silver is stunning. It looks wintery too! The best part is the Silver Sparkle covered up my nail fail base coat of dents and smudges. I did not have to redo my nails, and I found an awesome combination I would not of thought of before.

Nail fail to nail win. It can be done!

Happy Monday!


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