Monday, December 31, 2012

Best of 2012 Results!

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! Thank you all for voting in this year's Best of 2012 poll. I checked last year's results and I had 170 votes, this year I have 305 votes!

I'm going to reveal the winners as well as how many votes each nominee in the categories got. I will also let you know my personal picks. There were some VERY close races in these!!!

Best Spring 2012 Collection:


1. OPI Holland---112 votes
2. China Glaze Electropop---104 votes
3. Zoya True---41 votes
4. Essie Navigate Her---27 votes
5. Orly Cool Romance---13 votes
6. Color Club Blossoming---8 votes
My Pick: OPI Holland

Best Summer 2012 Collection:


1. China Glaze Summer Neons---104 votes
2. Zoya Beach & Surf---96 votes
3. Essie Bikini So Teeny---46 votes
4. OPI The Amazing Spiderman---29 votes
5. Color Club Take Wing---24 votes
6. Orly Feel the Vibe---6 votes
My Pick: Essie Bikini So Teeny

Best Fall 2012 Collection:


1. OPI Germany---128 votes
2. China Glaze On Safari---83 votes
3. Zoya Designer, Diva, & Gloss---60 votes
4. Essie Stylenomics---17 votes
5. Color Club True Fashion---11 votes
6. Orly Fired Up---6 votes
My Pick: OPI Germany

Best Winter/Holiday 2012 Collection:


1. Zoya Ornate---107 votes
2. OPI Skyfall---104 votes
3. China Glaze Holiday Joy---52 votes
4. Essie Winter 2012---22 votes
5. Orly Naughty or Nice---11 votes
6. Color Club Winter Affair---9 votes
My Pick: Essie Winter 2012

Best Non-Handmade Indie Brand of 2012:


1. a-England---129 votes
2. Cult Nails---124 votes
3. Pretty Serious Cosmetics---27 votes
4. RBL---19 votes
5. LEX Cosmetics---6 votes
My Pick: Cult Nails

Best Handmade Indie Brand of 2012:


1. KBShimmer---61 votes
2. HARE Polish---59 votes
3. Pretty & Polished---57 votes
4. Girly Bits---50 votes
5. Dollish Polish---45 votes
6. Lush Lacquer---33 votes
My Pick: KBShimmer

Very close race here!

Best High-End Brand of 2012:


1. butter LONDON---168 votes
2. Deborah Lippmann---78 votes
3. Nails Inc.---28 votes
4. Chanel---21 votes
5. Sephora by OPI---10 votes
My Pick: Nails Inc.

Best Drugstore Brand of 2012:


1. Sinful Colors---75 votes
2. Revlon---70 votes
3. Sally Hansen---69 votes
4. Wet n' Wild---34 votes
5. L'Oreal---25 votes
6. Milani---22 votes
7. Maybelline---10 votes
My Pick: Revlon

Best Top Coat of 2012:


1. Seche Vite---169 votes
2. Other---90 votes
3. Cult Nails Wicked Fast---23 votes
4. Poshe---14 votes
5. Glisten & Glow HK Girl---9 votes
My Pick: Cult Nails Wicked Fast

What other top coats are you all using? I must be living under a rock!

Best Nail/Nail Art Trend of 2012:


1. Glitter Bombs---113 votes
2. Accent Nail---111 votes
3. Gold Flakie Top Coats---74 votes
4. Fish Egg/Caviar Nails---7 votes
My Pick: Accent Nail

Indie Nail Polish---Love it or Leave it?


1. Love it!---234 votes
2. Leave it---71 votes
My Pick: Love it!

Only a handful of people wrote down their one favorite polish this year. There were a ton of polishes that tied with 2-5 votes, so I narrowed it down to the Top 5 who all received more than 5 votes. These are in ranking order!

Top 5 Favorite Polishes Released in 2012:

1. OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest---13 votes
2. Zoya Zuza---9 votes
3. Zoya Storm---8 votes
4. butter LONDON Two Fingered Salute---7 votes
5. China Glaze Riveting---6 votes

That's it!

I must say based on these results....what the heck happened to Orly? They have REALLY faded into the background this year. The same goes for Color Club too, but to a lesser degree.

How did your picks fare this year? Are you pleased with these results?

Happy New Year! I look forward to what nail polish will bring us in 2013!


  1. Haha, I love this! I'm also wondering what other top coats people are using!

  2. Wow, I didn't realize I was so mainstream! Most of my picks came in first or second. And I second your Orly comment. I love the brand to pieces, but it's been very hit or miss this year.

  3. Awesome! It was so fun to read this!

  4. Great round up! Love seeing what everyone's favorites are :)

  5. It's so fun to see all the favorites!

  6. New York Color In a New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish in Grand Central Station is, by far, one of the best quick dry top coats (although technically it's not labeled as a top coat; I think it's just a quick dry clear polish) I've ever tried. My other favorite is Milani Glosse, but it has become increasingly hard to find since it was discontinued. I'll stick with the NYC one from now on since it's $1.72 at my local Target.

  7. I forgot to mention that I've tried a lot of different top coats: Seche Vite, Poshe, Cult Nails Wicked Fast, Essie Good to Go and To Dry For, Sally Hansen Insta-Dry, Nubar Diamont, Transdesign's Amour brand (which I SWEAR is just rebottled Seche Vite because it shrinks like nobody's business on me), etc.

    Also, I know I took the survey, but I can't for the life of me remember my answers for a few of the questions, haha. It's interesting seeing all the winners, though!

  8. Out the Door is my favorite topcoat :) Every month is Oktoberfest has been on so many lists this year, it's unreal! Totally fun to participate and to read the results! Happy New Year to you, Steph :)

  9. I was really curious to see what other nailphiles thought were the best nail polishes of 2012. This was a really fun read, and I like how you put this together each year.

    Happy New Year, Steph - I hope that 2013 brings you laughter and happiness!


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