Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I ♥ NP- Up To Snow Good

I spotted this I ♥ NP polish on someone's instagram a few weeks back, and had that impulsive reaction of "OMG I NEED!". I'd say it was about 2 minute later I instantly purchased it. I loved the colors this polish had in it, and it would be unique to my collection. So, why not?

Up to Snow Good over China Glaze For Audrey

Up to Snow Good is made up of a variety of translucent, teal, blue, white, aqua, prism, and pearl glitters in  a clear base. (I used I ♥ NP's description of this because I could not describe it this well!)

I love the color of combination of glitters in Up to Snow Good. I think this combination of glitters is unique, light, airy, and is perfect for winter. The bottle of this polish is also amazing. I love the professionalism  of  I ♥ NP. They have cute fancy boxes for the polishes and fast shipping.  Sadly, I had application issues with this polish. The polish itself was the not the problem, it was the brush. The brush in this polish was thick and wide. This is a type of brush regardless of the brand of polish I have issues with. I also find a brush this size hard to apply because my nails are smaller. While I do adore this polish, the application issues I had because of the brush were disappointing. 

Please note that while viewing other blogs about I NP I did not see any mention of any application issues, therefore this could just be my problem. I see how the wide and thick brush is useful, as it collects a lot of polish/glitter and requires less coats for coverage. I personally just find thicker and wider brushes harder for me to use. The polish itself on the other hand is great, so if wide brushes do not bother you I don't think you will have a problem with this one. 

I purchased this from I ♥ NP's etsy shop for $10.00. 

Happy Tuesday! 


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