Friday, December 7, 2012

BadAss Polish- Are You Ready For Some Football Collection

I have some polishes for you today from a new indie brand on the block--BadAss Polish. They have 4 polishes to start out their line. I will be showing you 2 of them today, the other 2 I will show you next week. These first two are part of the Are You Ready For Some Football? collection. Needless to say, these are football themed!

America's Team layered over Milani White on the Spot

America's Team is a mixture of silver glitters and blue stars in a clear base.

This polish is themed after the Dallas Cowboys. This is 2 coats over white, and it is meant to be a layering polish. I like the density of this glitter, and applies nicely. The blue stars do not automatically come out on the brush, you will have to snag one in the bottle. That being said, I did not feel as if I was fishing for the stars at all, once you touch one with your brush  it stays there, and will apply easily to your nail. I love this color combination, and it could be used to layer over various colors easily. 

Go Pack Go layered over China Glaze Holly-Day

Go Pack Go is a mixture of small green glitters, gold glitters, and larger yellow hex glitters in a clear base.

This polish is themed after the Green Bay Packers. I did two coats of this over a base. The formula was good and it applied well. I love the combination of colors here. The best surprise in this polish are the teeny tiny little gold glitters mixed in with the green, this is just one of those simple added touches to an indie polish I love! This applied well, and it's great to see a green glitter out there. I do not have many green glitters, so this was a nice addition. 

Before I sum things up, I wanted to share with you how these polishes were packaged and sent to me. I am beyond impressed with this packaging!

The polishes came in these awesome tubes. There is no way anything is going to break in there. The inside of the tube holds your polish and a piece of felt. The tube also has information about their packaging and its double purpose. The felt is meant to help you with removal of glitter polish. I personally swear by felt. I prefer it over the foil method, so this was a nice surprise!

I'm impressed with BadAss Polish. The polishes are glittery, and applied nicely. I want to say, please do not let the football theme trip you up. I am not a football fan in the least, and these are great layering glitter top coats for any occasion. I see both of these as suitable for holiday manicures for sure. I am also very impressed with the packaging, it's thoughtful and purposeful.

You can purchase these polishes from BadAss Polish's Etsy shop for $8.50 each.

You can also follow BadAss Polish on Facebook.

*I received these polishes for my honest review by BadAss Polish.

Happy Friday!


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