Tuesday, October 30, 2012

OPI Pink of Hearts Breast Cancer Awareness Collection

I have for you the OPI Pink of Hearts Breast Cancer Awareness collection today. This set caught my eye immediately when I saw it. The glitter in it is just gorgeous, and it's always a plus when there are polishes created in honor of a great cause.

I Think in Pink

I Think in Pink is a milky pale pink sheer.

This polish is sheer, but it's not as sheer as some other pinks in this category. This is 3 coats, and you can still see tiny bits of my nail showing through in the photo. I didn't notice this in real life, and I actually found the application pretty good. I love the milkiness of this shade. A lot of pinks like this tend to give me lobster hands (red fingers), but this one played nicely with my skin tone!

You Glitter Be Good To Me over I Think in Pink

You Glitter Be Good To Me is a mixture of pink micro glitter and medium fuchsia hex glitters in a clear base.

I was so hoping this wouldn't be a glitter top coat. I was wanting this to be a glitter bomb you could get opaque in like 2-3 coats. Realistically, I think you'd need to have 4+ coats of this to get near opacity, and I think even then you'd have tiny little bald spots. That being said, it is a pretty glitter. I love the color combination and how it looks layered over the pink!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh, that is the one reason why I didn't pick up this set. I'm a 2 coater, eventually I'd do 3 for a good colour, never more than that! And there is another reason, I already own "I Think in pink"... OPI could have done a new polish for this cause!

  2. So pretty! I love that creamy pink!!

  3. I think this is the best BCA polish (single, duo or collection - sounds like I am reading a category for the Academy Awards here) that has been released in yrs. I love this pink cream and will wear it a lot. The glitter is nice over it and I am not even a glitter gal...but I am already playing with the glitter mixed with another micro silver glitter to do tips in for a new take on a more modern Dec holiday look. I am going to not fall for all the red, gold, silver, green more typical Dec holiday looks this yr I decided. I am looking to change it up - with a few traditional ones in there of course!

  4. Oh and forgot to add - passionate for BCA - I am a 2 times survivor now - had both breasts removed first time through in the 90's...and folks, that first time I found my own 'something funny' only 1.5 mos after I had a clean mamo done! - so you all have to do your own breast exams. It's so important.

  5. I love these!! That milky pink is so nice!


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