Monday, October 15, 2012

Elixir Lacquers: With a K

Sometimes I'm a dimwit and save my swatch pictures in the wrong folder. I had an entire batch of swatch photos go missing from a few months ago, and I found them in the wrong folder today. This was the case with the polish I'm showing you today. I planned on showing it to you all months ago, but brain isn't always there all the time. Anyway this is a cool polish by Elixir Lacquers made by the talented Nicole of  Nail Polish Wars

With a K

With a K is a mixture of holographic silver and violet micro glitter and hex glitters in a fuchsia jelly base.

This is With a K by its lonesome. Depending on if you use thick or thin coats you can reach opacity within 2-3 coats. You could definitely layer it if you wanted, but it certainly is not needed. This is a great glitter. I love a jelly glitter. I love glitter top coats too, but sometimes I can't be bothered to try and pair it up with a base, so jelly glitter does all the work for me. The color is great, and I can never complain about holographic glitter!

Elixir Lacquers currently is currently featuring the Lov-a-Bully collection. This collection is in honor of the Atlanta Bully Rescue which finds loving homes for the often misunderstood "bully" breeds of dogs. Elixir Lacquer will be donating 10% of each bottle from this collection to the Atlanta Bully Rescue. With a K is not a part of this collection, but you can see swatches of the Lov-a-Bully collection polishes here

I purchased With a K from Elixir Lacquers for $10.00.

Happy Monday!


  1. I've been wanting this polish for a while now - so amazing!

  2. this is gorgeous! love the holo glitter

  3. This is one of my favorite indie polishes!!! Looks great on you Stephanie!

  4. I love Nicole! She's so awesome, and her Lov-a-Bully collection is so cute!


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