Thursday, October 4, 2012

KBShimmer Lilac Dreams

Do you any of you out there have just crazy nonsensical dreams? I always have had them. My dreams are never sequential. They make absolutely no sense, and have a ton of random elements that do not connect to each other whatsoever. I had this crazy dream the other night where my cat could talk, I was on some game show with Steven Tyler, I got a haircut that looked horrible, I ordered a bunch of hot dogs, and I was some ocean-resort where the ocean was encapsulated in giant glass that looked like one of those pools they use for Shamu at Sea World. This was all one dream that flowed together at one time.  What's so weird is I'm not even a Steven Tyler fan. I don't dislike him or anything. I'm just indifferent. I have no idea why he was in my dream! Seriously, my dreams a wild.

On the subject of is a pretty dreamy polish by KBShimmer. I can always find way to bring it back to polish....mostly :P.

Lilac Dreams

Lilac Dreams is a luscious shade that depending on the light, shifts slightly from a medium purple to a lovely shade of pink. Holographic glitter in aqua blue and sliver add sparkle and shine while a scattering of micro black and silver glitter adds depth to the color.

Ok, I totally used KBShimmer's description for this polish. It's really so complex it's hard to describe. It's a beautiful bright foily-metallic lilac that has a slight color shift and flecks of different glitters mixed in. That's the Steph description. It's really beautiful, and has great depth. I've always been a fan of the lavender-lilac color family, and I have nothing like this polish! This does dry on the gritty side, due to the amount of glitter used, but this can be remedied with a thicker top coat like Gelous or two coats of your favorite top coat.

I purchased this polish from the KBShimmer website for $8.50.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I have to say I put this polish on the other night and I was sad .... for some reason it did not look as good on as in all the pics to me 8(

  2. So gorgeous! I hear you on the dream thing...mine NEVER make any sense and I wake up completely weirded out! Haha!

  3. This is really, really beautiful!! Interesting dream! I have dreams that don't make sense too, but when in the dream it seems perfectly normal, smh


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