Thursday, October 11, 2012

American Apparel: Made in LA Teal

Sorry for the late post today I scheduled this to be posted earlier, but Blogger was being mean.

I found this cool polish at American Apparel. Apparently, when I purchased this one they told me that these were only supposed to be exclusive to stores in LA, but they got a shipment of them in. I'm not sure if this is true. I'm not completely buying it. I'm cynical. That being said the color cool, but it has a a bit of a flaw I'm not fond of

Made in LA Teal

Made in LA Tea is a teal glass-fleck metallic with a subtle purple duochrome effect (sadly my camera did not pick up the duochrome very well).

This polish is a gorgeous color, and I love the glass fleck finish. My only beef with this polish is oh so sheer. This was around 4 coats, and you can still kind of see the tips of my nails show underneath the teal color. Ridiculous. I've seen enough cool glass fleck colors to know they do not need to be made so sheer. I know I've become a polish snob to be so picky, but come on. Oh well. Gorgeous color....sad formula. You can't win them all.

While you may not find this "exclusive" polish in your local American Apparel because may not live in LA (Okay, now I'm just being obnoxious..sorry), you can find it online for $6.00. It doesn't seem to be that exclusive if it's sold online :P. I think the word exclusive just grates on my nerves.

Happy Thursday!


  1. 4 coats? No way I'm patient enough for that! And for that price I can almost get a ChG or Essie!

  2. They lied >_> I definitely saw these at the Mall of America just this week!

  3. Sooooo pretty! I can't believe it needs four coats, that is kind of crazy!

  4. That's such a pretty color!

  5. gorgeoussss color!!! to die for!


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