Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nail-venturous/Ninja Polish: Humble Bee

I have an exaggerated fear of stinging insects. I really do. I have never been stung by a bee, wasp, hornet...nada. I plan to make that a lifetime record. That does not mean I am composed about it though. If I see a stinging creature within 3-5ft of me I freak out. I mean like screaming bloody murder running away like a crazy person freak out. I assume that any stinging creature is out to sting me. I will not ruin my record. Plus, I'm seriously afraid I'd allergic, since my father is. I don't want to go into some anaphylactic shock and die due to a bee sting. That's a sad way to go. Yes, I'm sure I'm over dramatizing this, but suffice it to say I try to keep my distance from those guys.

I actually do find honey bees and bumble bees quite pictures. My stinging insect phobia has not kept me away from this awesome cleverly named Nail- Humble Bee polish either.

Humble Bee over Milani Black Swift

Humble Bee is a mixture of matte black and yellow glitters in a clear base.

You can layer this on its own, but you will still have some tiny bald spots on your nail. It would be hard to tell from a distance, but I prefer it layered. It looks awesome! Very bee-like in a friendly non-stinging and non anaphylactic shock kind of way. I really like this glitter, and it's definitely different from anything I have. I liked the formula on this too. It was very easy to use.

I got this on Ninja Polish for $9.00. It is currently out of stock, but you can sign up for Ninja Polish to email you when it is back!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. You won't die if you're stung by a bee or a wasp or a hornet. The FIRST time. You only need to worry that might be allergic with the second sting. Your immune system can't develop an allergy until it has been exposed once. I don't know if that made things better or worse. But your nails are adorable. :)

  2. Ha! I am the same way- you want to see me go crazy put anything with wings (with the exception of birds) around me. But bees- bees have been my achilles heel since I was little. I've never been stung- and I too plan to keep that as a lifetime record- lol!

  3. I imagine you running away with those wavy armes and crying so loud your tears are floating after you, cartoon style :P. I do the same haha.

    This polish isn't really my thing, but I don't like anything yellow I guess.

  4. I like bees but don't care much for wasps... And I'm like you (flailing arms and screaming) with roaches... Hey at least your phobia is justified!! Haha :))
    Cool polish!!

  5. Oh I am the same way with stinging biting looking flying things. I freak out if a housefly gets too close thinking it's a wasp! Oh yeah I freak out too. And yes, I have been stung by both wasps and bees and it isn't too bad but the fear of being stung is.
    That polish is pretty for Halloween but I'm not sure I like it for much else.

  6. Getting stung sucks, it hurts but the pain does pass. I avoid the stingers as much as I possibly can as I am allergic. A little gift passed down to me from my paternal grandmother. LOL If you have a family history of venom allergies and fear that you could be allergic, ask your doc for a script for Epi Pens and carry one with you and keep one in an easily reachable spot in your home, in case you do get stung and have a bad reaction. I keep one in my bag and one in my kitchen drawer. I didn't have an adverse reaction until my second sting, but different people have different tolerances. I know that you don't plan to get stung but it can't hurt to be prepared, just in case. :)

    And now... That mani is adorable. I love black and yellow bee inspired manicures. As terrible as bees can be, they are cute and yeah... I just love 'em. :)

  7. This is so cute! I agree, I am TOTALLY freaked out by bees, but the cute, cartoony ones that are all round and fuzzy are somehow cute!

  8. I am SO jealous!!! I have been stalking Ninja Polish's page for a long time and waiting patiently...ok that's a lie...waiting impatiently lol...for them to restock this and floam. I am DYING to get my greedy hands on them lol. I have emailed a few times asking and each time I am told when it will be restocked it never is. I know she is busy so I'll keep waiting...and waiting....and waiting LOL. Congrats on the buy!! Now I'll go grovel in the corner lol. =P

  9. Oh and btw...honey bees aren't so cute when they sting you....they hurt really bad!! But...I did buy the most ADORABLE honey bee/bumble bee nail art stickers on Ebay...they are the cutest stickers I have...and I have a lot of nail art stickers lol.

  10. natalija.yasmina-blogOctober 11, 2012 at 2:18 PM

    love it *_* so pretty !!! ♥♥♥♥

  11. This is soooo cool!


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