Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Two Birds One Store: American Beauty

Happy 4th of July out there to all in the USA! I love the 4th of July, it's one of my favorite holidays simply based on childhood memories. I mentioned this on my post last year, but I know there are new comers to the blog so I'll bring it up again.,,,

My family were friends with a couple growing up who would host the best parties. They had amazing Halloween parties, but I especially loved their 4th of July parties! Their names were Goldie and Jack. I mean come on now the lady's name is Goldie, she had to be awesome! Anyways, they'd have a big BBQ, a huge pool, endless bins of toys (that you could take home!!!), and we got light sparklers at the end of the night. These parties were the highlight of my summer. I since moved away from home, and I think these parties continue without me now :(.  However, whenever July 4th rolls around I'm remidned of Goldie's amazing parties!

In honor of 4th of July I have an awesome indie limited edition polish to show you by See Sarah Swatch's store Two Birds One Store.

American Beauty over Milani Black Swift

American Beauty is a mixture of varying sizes of  hex red, white, blue, and blue star glitters in a clear base.

Isn't this an awesome polish?!? It's like a firework exploded on your nails. I love the variation of sizes of glitters, it gives this glitter polish so much dimension and character. It completely and utterly rocks. I'm hoping this polish lasts on my nails all week because I don't want to take it off! The sad part about this polish is it was limited edition, and I got picked off very quickly. I saw it and swooped it instantly. I'm certainly glad I did!

Happy 4th of July!


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