Saturday, July 14, 2012

Spontaneous Saturday: Don't Blow up my Nail Polish!

Nail polish dreams? Have you had them?

I think these dreams are a certain sign you're a nail polish addict. I've had my share of nail polish dreams. It's no surprise to my close friends and family that I have some of the most bizarre dreams ever. My dreams never make sense. They're never sequential. My dreams are truly ridiculous.

I remember my first nail polish dream. It was a good one. In my dream, I was at Dollar Tree, and they had this whole aisle of nail polish. All of the nail polish there were HTF bottles and they were all a $1. I got shopping cart and stocked up on all the polishes, only to wake up a few seconds later. Not cool. That should of been real.

--begin dream--

Last night, I had nail polish dream or rather a nightmare. The dream started off making absolutely no sense and was not related to nail polish whatsoever. I was going to some Barbra Streisand concert. I have no idea why. I'm not really a Barbra Streisand fan, though I do catch myself singing the tunes from Funny Girl and Yentl in the shower. Anyways, my dream shifted into me being in the ocean with all these people doing some Survivor like race in a lifeboat to retrieve items. I started freaking out because I had not put on sunscreen. I get burned pretty bad in the sun, and I know how miserable it is to get sunburned. I was complaining about that, so all the people I was with started yelling at me because I was worried about petty stuff.

Hello! Sunburns are can be dangerous! LOL. Then the dream shifted again. I was no longer in the middle of the ocean, but I was back at home with all these Survivor teammates laughing at me because of my nail polish collection. This one girl started tell me I could not tell the difference from a  red shimmer and  red glitter. That b****! 

This infuriated me. I started pulling out all my drawers of polishes and showing her examples of red shimmers and red glitters. I clearly remember showing her OPI Red Dazzle. This girl just kept antagonizing me, and she threatened to steal my polish. I then put one of my Helmer drawers down full of polish, and I heard her say I'm going to blow up all her nail polish. I saw her light a match. I screamed "Don't blow up my nail polish!". Then at that moment I woke up all amped up and startled! Phew! Just a dream!

-end dream-

It's so silly. I never have really thought about how attached I am to my polish collection, but I'd be pretty bent out of shape if it was blown up! I also think from my dream I do have some insecurities about my nail polish love. I don't mind telling my family and friends about my polish/blogging, but new people I'm introduced to I shy away from telling them about my blog. I still certainly worry about being judged or made fun of (Ooo, this just gave me a good idea for a "Talk it Out Tuesday" topic). I'll leave it at that before I started talking about a topic more suited for Tuesday posts! 

Have you ever had nail polish related dream? What was it about?


  1. Hahahaha, hilarious. I have yet to have my first nail polish dream, at least that I can remember. The Dollar Tree dream sounded awesome though! :D

  2. I had a dream a few weeks ago that the shelf in our half bath downstairs that has become the temporary home for half of my nail polish gave out and my polish when crashing down in the bathroom... They all broke! I woke up in a rush of fear... ran down stairs as fast as I could and checked the stability of the shelf! BAHAHAHA... yup, it was like midnight and I was wide awake and 5 hours from having to get up for work, but my nail polish was so important to me I had to check (BTW, it's solid as a rock... which I knew it was because my hubby is a handyman as a career... but I still had to check lmao).

    Im so addicted and attached to my polish babies!!! :p

  3. OMG, I'm so sorry but I laughed so hard at this! I have crazy ridiculous dreams like this all the time so I know exactly what you're talking about! I've had nail polish dreams before but honestly can't remember them. It is one of those things where you wake up stressed out and know what the dream was about but can't remember exactly what was going on. 

  4. That sounds awful! Thanks for sharing. I hardly ever remember my dreams, but I'm pretty sure I would remember one like that! 

  5. Don't be sorry! I'm glad you found it funny. It was a pretty ridiculous dream! 

  6. Oh no!!1 I would have had the same reaction! I've totally had nail polish dreams in the past. Both good and nightmares. 

  7. Last night I had a polish dream. I was trying to get some HTFs and for some reason I couldn't get them. It's like they were there in a display case but some sort of stipulation was put on them. I was not impressed.

  8. Yeah, I've had dreams related to nail polish...though I can't think of an example now.

    This was amusing to read, "Don't blow up my nail polish!"

    My husband is mildly obsessed with surviving post apocalyptic situations (weird, I know) and he jokes that we wouldn't have to worry about fires because we have plenty of flammable stuff to destroy (my polish). Hah. 

  9. Oh my! I have a whole lot of really wild dreams, most come due to meds I take for epilepsy control my MD's have told me. But as of yet, have not had any about having my polish stash blown up or anything to do with watch - I need to do a ton of work here with my stash and take all my never been touched dupes and sell them...with your power of suggestion, I am going to end up having a polish nightmare!

  10. OMG yes I've had nail polish dreams. One in particular was about finding the China Glaze OMG polishes, which was somewhat based on reality... years ago before I was "into" polish, I saw all of them in the clearance bin at Ulta. I had no idea they were a big deal and to this day still think about that lol.

  11. Ooo. I can't wait for my first nail polish dream! I love to dream...... Thanks for the giggle.

  12. Good thing that was just a dream, I'd be devastated if someone blew up my nail polish...  nightmare for sure.
    Note to self, don't watch Survivor before going bed... ;)

  13. A Girl and Her PolishJuly 14, 2012 at 9:06 PM

    OMGoodness, that is hilarious!  :)

  14. OMG, so funny!!

    Like you, I have really weird dreams!  The weirdest one I had was I was a mouse, not any mouse though, an animated mouse (think American Tail and The Secret of Nimh), and I lived in a tea cup.....a two story tea cup.  And our family was getting swept away by a rain storm....true story!  I remember that dream like it was yesterday....and it was probably 15 years ago!


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