Thursday, July 26, 2012

L.A. Girl Disco Brites- Deejay

I want all the bright blues! Yes, I think I've been going through this bright blue phase since early spring. I need them all! Thankfully there are many options out there. I really love LA Girl polishes. They have a several different collections with various colors and finishes. There is really something for everyone in this brand. The problem with LA Girl? I can only find them online. I do think they sell a few at Rite Aid, but as we know there are not any Rite Aids in Florida -moment of silence for this-. I picked this  LA Girl bright blue recently on Cherry Culture.


Deejay is a bright blue creme.

This is a great blue, and for $2.50 a bottle you'll be pleased. This one is from the Disco Brites collection, which I love. I adore Hustle from this collection too. There are so many great colors in this collection, and I'm planning on getting more. The formula on this was great, and I found it very easy to apply. Awesome blue! 

Happy Thursday!


  1. Kat HookedOnPolishJuly 26, 2012 at 2:39 PM

    I found a random display at a Charlotte Russe here. Odd, but it made me happy to find them!

  2. yes i will take all of the bright blues too!! all! love this.

  3. Oh!   such a happy blue colour. 

  4. I need this blue! Very pretty, thanks for the swatch!


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