Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Anna's Art Asylum: New Color Morphing Chameleon Pigments

I have some new color morphing pigments from Anna's Art Asylum to show you. You can mix these into clear polish to create awesome color morphing top coats or mix them into polish to give them a cool effect. This post is very pic heavy. I'll get right to it!

50 shifts from light blue to purple.

51 shifts from green to purple.

52 shifts from fuchsia to gold.

53 shifts from lavender to gold.

54 shifts from light green to blue.

55 shifts from green, gold, to purple.


56 shifts from blue to purple.

57 shifts from aqua to purple.

58 shifts from aqua to blue.

59 shifts from pink, green, to gold.

These pigments are hit. Sadly, my camera cannot capture the true beauty of these pigments. They have very strong color morphing properties! The color morphing is very easy to see in person.

You can purchase 5 of these for $25 in Anna's Art Asylum's ebay shop. You will get 1gram of each pigment, and this will give you enough to make a few bottles of polish depending on the size. I find these easy to work with too, which is plus!

My top 5 are 50, 52, 55, 56, and 58. 

**These products were provided to me by Anna's Art Asylum for my honest review. 

Happy Tuesday!


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