Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bottle Spam Saturday: 04/21/12

I decided to do Zoya bottle spam today, because of Zoya's Earth Day promotion. These are all my Zoyas, but I'll be adding 9 more to this because of this promotion!

Stephanie, Kennedy, Danielle, Gigi, and Erika.

Happi, Reva, Milla, LC, and Elke

Reece, Rica, Cheri, Gilda, and Gloria

Kimmy, Sooki, Maura, Nidhi, and Tamseen

Maya, Tiffany, Ivanka, Yara, and Phoebe

Crystal, Kotori, Cynthia, Dannii, and Mimi

Neeka, Savita, Sofia, Kieko, and Roxy

Valerie, Kristen, Carey, Caitlin, Trixie, and Dovima

Are you participating in the Zoya Earth Day promo? What are you getting? I'm getting Blair, Yasmeen, Kelly, Avril, Bela, Jaime, Arizona, Wednesday, and Zuza.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Such a pretty rainbow :) I bought waaay too many at the Earth Day Promo. Newcomers to my Zoya collection are Arizona, Shelby, Wednesday, Kimber, Zuza, Elodie, Cola, Sweet, LC, Lo, Carly, Rory, Zara and Audrina. 

  2. That is quite a collection and oh-so pretty to look at! Sadly, Zoya polishes were really poorly with my body chemistry. I have purchased and borrowed many and the just don't work for me. It's a shame because I always love their collections too. 

  3. I love how you grouped the bottles together - shows just how many varieties of colors there can be. I'm getting Dree, Yara, Tangy, Chloe, Bevin and Kelly. 

  4. Wow, you have a great collection of Zoyas, Steph! :) It would be nice if Zoya opened up their online promotions to Canadians. Haha, it would be a very dangerous thing for me because they always come out with colours I want.

    Hopep you're having a great Sunday!

  5. I did not see the Earth Day Promo or I would have taken advantage of it big time despite I have sooooo many Zoyas and I am supposed to be on a no buy hiatus until I weed down my 1500+ collection to something manageable.  I love you are getting Arizona - love that one. Of the ones you showed us from your bottle spam (and I adore Bottle Spam by the way)....I adore Kimmy. You have a lot of favs of mine, but Kimmy every time I wore it last summer, I got tons of compliments and I really could not stop looking at my feet/nails.

  6. Any chance you could do a jelly Spam Sunday. I've suddenly developed a thing for jellies. Don't know how that happened.

  7. i was prepared for the promo.  my cart was already stocked with charisma, pippa, zuza, cynthia, avery, and soho punch.  now i can't wait to get them!  you're gonna love kelly btw.  i gave it to my sister (kelly) and she wears it at least once a week.

  8. I got Kotori, Jo, Barbie, Nimue, Maisie, Chloe, and Carly. I'm going to be changing my polish quite frequently! I also have bottles from China Glaze, Borghese, and Color Club on the way. Too many choices!


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