Thursday, April 5, 2012

Anna's Art Asylum Magnetic Pigments

Anna who has a shop on eBay who let me review some of her color-morphing pigments, now has some magnetic pigments up for sale! She asked me to review these pigments for you all, so that is what I have for you today.

To use these you just need to mix a few small scoops of the pigment with clear nail polish. Anna also says on her page you can add some of the color-morphing pigments or sparkles to the pigment. You can truly customize these, which is awesome. The only thing you will need is your own magnet. I used a magnet from an Icing magnetic polish in the following photos.


20 is a medium bronze shimmer, that brings out pale gold when the magnet is applied.


21 is a chocolate brown shimmer, that brings out a tan when the magnetic is applied.


22 is a deep plum, that brings out a lilac when the magnet is applied.


23 is an aubergine, that brings out a lavender when the magnetic is applied


24 is a murky dark blue-green, that brings out a teal when the magnet is applied.


25 is an olive green-gold, that brings out a gold when the magnet is applied.

I needed around 2-3 coats of each of these. These worked really easy with the magnetic. I was not waiting for the effect to show up for awhile or anything, it was almost instantaneous! These perform the same way as other magnetics, so you need to hold the magnetic over the polish when it's still wet! I do it immediately after I paint my nail. Magnetic polish takes practice though, especially if you have shaky hands like me. I tend to mess up with the magnetic and accidentally touch it to the nail, so it takes a bit of patience.

 I thought these were nice. These would be great if you're into frankening and creating your own polishes. My only complaint is I wish there were some other color choices. I'm not a big fan of brown shades, but that is personal preference.

 You can pick up 3 pigments of your choice for $10.99 or you can get all 6 pigments for $18.99. You will get 1 gram of each pigment. 1 gram of pigment will allow you to make multiple bottles. This price is incredible.  The 3 pigments choice alone, will allow you to make multiple custom bottles of magnetic polish for the price of just one magnetic polish you can buy in the store!

**These products were provided to me for review.

Happy Thursday!


  1. These look really cool! Thanks for showing us Steph!

  2.  Those are amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  3. 20 and 24 are so gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing these!

  4. I love 22.  These are pretty!


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