Thursday, April 19, 2012

Artisan Beauty Pucker Suite Event

This past Sunday I was invited to an awesome event called The Pucker Suite along with many other Central Florida Beauty Bloggers. This was hosted by Mimi and Allison who have started up their own company, Artisan Beauty.

Artisan Beauty specializes in creating custom lipsticks and lip glosses. This is an amazing concept. I seriously have spent so much time trying to find certain shade of lipstick. It can be an frustrating process. There are also people who want their hands on famous discontinued shades you can no longer find. This is where Artisan Beauty steps in. They can create your perfect shade or recreate that long coveted shade you cannot get your hands on!

All the bloggers there got to have a custom lip product created. This process was so much fun. It was really interesting to watch. They had different bases like creme, matte, and etc. They had various gorgeous shimmery pigments, scents, and additives like SPF and lip plumpers. The options were unlimited!

I came in there with a mission. I had been wanting the perfect bright pink-coral lipstick for...well forever. I could never find the right shade, and I knew this was my chance. In the picture above, you can see Allison mixing my lipstick up for me. She knew exactly what colors to use! I used a creamy matte base and added in a Mimosa scent and SPF.

I call it Melon Pop. It's exactly what I wanted. I was so excited to finally have this shade of lipstick I've been wanting for months. All the other ladies made some amazing custom lip products too. I was "ooohing and ahhing" over everyone's!

Artisan Beauty is just starting out so their website is under construction, but they have a Facebook page up and running. The prices will be $30 for lipsticks and $20 for lip glosses. They also have party packages where you can invite a group of friends have your own "Pucker Party" and make your own lip creations.

This was a really fun event. I enjoyed it a lot. It was fun to kick back with a bunch of beauty girls I've gotten to know, and enjoy an afternoon doing what we love most.....playing with makeup! Thank you so much to Artisan Beauty for hosting this event!

Here are some other blog posts from the event with more photos. I'm terrible at multi-tasking, so I didn't take as many pics as I would of liked, but this girls did a great job!

Pretty Little Bottles
Libby's Pink Vanity

Happy Thursday!


  1. that's so awesome!
    I'd love to create my own lipstick. I love the color of yours.

  2. Such a cool concept.  Your creation is really pretty!

  3. Yay, I heard about all the fun you had from Courtney! I love that shade of lipstick! Suits you well! 


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