Sunday, March 13, 2016

Weekly Wax Wrap Up: 3/6/16-3/13/16

Well, it was not a good week in wax. Almost everything I melted this week was either a dud or I didn't end up liking the scent. It happens! I didn't end up melting a lot of new stuff this week because of that. When you have bad one you just want to quickly go back to something reliable, so I did end up having a lot of re-melts this week.
AmbiEscents Hidden Lagoon & Waterfall
Scent Description: N/A
My Thoughts: This was my only winner this week. This is a very crisp and sweet water scent. I'd say it's prominently water with aloe and just the softest touch of men's cologne note in there. This is a very clean and fresh scent. I love water scents and this one is very satisfying. I'd say this is one of those scents that would be appeal to a lot of people. 
Scent Throw: 4/5
Where To Buy: Christmas Tree Shops

Nicole's Home Accents Cabo Breeze
Scent Description: N/A
My Thoughts: My boyfriend picked this one out. This smells like a men's deodorant or aftershave. It's heavy on the water and minty notes with some spicy notes thrown in. It's not a bad scent, but it's not a scent I want to have as a home fragrance. This is a scent I like my boyfriend to smell like, but not my house. There are just some types of scents I love in bath and body products, but don't appeal to me in home fragrance. 
Scent Throw: 3.5/5
Where To Buy: Christmas Tree Shops

Better  Homes & Gardens Hideaway in Paradise Mai Tai+Saltwater Sands Duo
Scent Description: An escape to the tropics with a delicious blend of fresh squeezed orange, apple slices and sundrenched peaches. Sugarcane and sangria add sweetness. The scent of sweet orange blossom and mandarin combined with waterlily, island florals and golden sand makes you feel like you never want to leave.
My Thoughts: I didn't know the scent description when I bought it, but found it online later. This description explains a lot to why I don't like this scent. There is just too much going on in this scent. This is a duo scent where one side is one scent and the other side is another scent. I have to say even individually there is too much going on. This just smells like a muddled mess. I can't detect singular notes and it's just too many florals and fruits blended together. It just smells very artificial. I really tried to like this one and hoped when melted it would be nice, but it's not! 
Scent Throw: 3.5/5
Where To Buy: Walmart

Ten Digit Creations Lavender
Scent Description: a fresh herbal lavender aroma
My Thoughts: The scent description is perfect. This is my favorite lavender scent. I love herbal and soothing lavenders and this delivers on that aspect. Where this falls short for me is on throw. It's not weak, but it's not strong enough. I wanted to smell this throughout my living room, but was only able to catch whiffs of it here and there. I'm so disappointed because this is the best true to lavender scent I've found in wax, but it is sadly probably better suited to a smaller room. 
Scent Throw: 2.5/5
Where To Buy: Ten Digit Creations

Re-Melts of the Week:
ScentSationals Tea Thyme
Fairy Hill Ocean Blossom
Better Homes & Gardens Tranquil Garden Spa 

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Happy Sunday!

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