Monday, March 21, 2016

HPB Presents: Spring Theme Manicure

I did a once in lifetime maybe twice in a lifetime. I did nail art. Well, at least my version of nail art with my very limited capabilities. I decided to do this for the Hobby Polish Bloggers blog spring link up. I had been seeing a lot of manis using highlighters lately and I figured that was something I could probably do, and I kinda did it! I figured this would be a fun spring manicure as the colors look pastel.

Products Used: KBShimmer Fillin' Groovy Base Coat, KBShimmer Alloy Matey!, Staples Hype! Liquid Highlighters 5pack (I just used pink, blue, and yellow), and KBShimmer Clearly on Top. I have heard liquid highlighters are the best to use for this type of mani.

Manicure Description: I used a base coat and then painted three coats of KBShimmer Alloy Matey! on my nails. I then let this dry for around 25 minutes. I didn't want to apply the highlighters on tacky polish because it could drag the polish. I then using blue, pink, and yellow highlights colored over my nails in a random pattern blending the colors together to give it this watercolor look. I waited a few minutes and then followed it up with top coat.

I'm pretty pleased with myself for this being my first time ever doing this and not being someone who ever does nail art! I don't do nail art not because I don't like it, but because I literally have zero patience. I love painting my nails and fun colors, but I like that because it's quick. Nail art is time consuming! This was a fun and simple technique though and I enjoyed trying it!

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Happy Monday!

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