Friday, March 11, 2016

KBShimmer Mega Flame Spring 2016 (4 of 7)

* I received the following products in exchange for my honest review.

I have the second half of KBShimmer's spring collection to share with you today. These polishes are part of the Mega Flame collection. This collection have the same holographic micro glitter finish as colors like Alloy Matey and Sun & Games, but these come in colored bases! The polishes will be available for purchase Tuesday March 15th.

Night Bright
 Night Bright is a black tinted based filled with holographic silver micro glitter.

Ripe for the Pink-ing
Ripe for the Pink-ing is a raspberry pink tinted base with silver holographic micro glitter.

Set in Ocean
Set in Ocean is a aqua blue tinted base with silver holographic micro glitter.

Things That Make You Go Bloom
Things That Make You Go Bloom is a lilac tinted base with silver holographic micro glitter.

Collection: KBShimmer Mega Flame Spring 2016

Colors: I'm all about the glitter, so I'm all about these polishes. These are fantastic. I would like one in every color under the sun. These a beautiful colored holographic glitters. They're bling-tastic and do not disappoint in the sparkle department in the least. My favorites of this lot are Night Bright and Set in Ocean. Be sure to check out the other colors from Cosmetic Sanctuary.

Formula: These all had a great formula. They all applied easily and smoothly. I used two coats for all of the colors here expect Things That Make You Go Bloom where I used 3 since it was a lighter shade.

Price: These are $9.25 individually and can be purchased starting Tuesday March 15th on KBShimmer or Harlow & Co.

Overall: The Mega Flame collection is definitely my favorite between the two collections. I love glitter and this collection definitely indulges my glitter obsession. I love the color variety and the intense holo glitter. This is a winning collection and a must have!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 *Golden* Paint Splatters

Happy Friday!

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