Thursday, October 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Essie Smooth Sailing

I have one of my favorite polishes of all time to share with you today for Throwback Thursday. You heard right, favorite of all time. This Essie polish would easily go on top 10 list easily from all nail polishes I own even though it's 3 years old. I would have a heard time picking others on this top 10 list, but this definitely has a reserved spot.

Smooth Sailing
 Smooth Sailing is a cornflower blue shimmer.

Collection: Essie Braziliant Summer 2011

Color: This shade of blue is what sells me on this polish. I love this soft muted cornflower color. I find this color to be very flattering, and it looks great on a variety of skin tones. The shimmer in this takes this polish from being great to being perfect.

Formula: This formula on this is great. I used 2 coats above.

Price: You can find this on various e-tailers in the $5-$8.50 range.

Overall: This is a staple polish in my collection. It never goes out of style for me, and I continue to love it as much as I did 3 years ago. This is a must have in my book, and I think everyone would be happy to own Smooth Sailing.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Paint Splatters
Happy Thursday!


  1. The shimmer really makes this super special! Love how it looks on you!

  2. This one is so gorgeous. The shimmer and the color = winning! I need to pick this up.


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